Sites Similar to ThinkGeek

Sites similar to ThinkGeek listed here. ThinkGeek is a site that sells geeky and nerdy products. Some of the products are just for show and others are actually useful technical gadgets. The sites listed here display products that are quite similar to those displayed on ThinkGeek and are definitely worth checking out if only for fun. Click on the link title to visit the sites.

Great Things to Buy

Great Things to Buy Screenshot


While Great Things to Buy is not exclusively for nerdy and geeky products, it still has a good gadgets and geeky section that can make for fine substitutes for ThinkGeek. The site itself is relatively new, but has a good collection and also has some pretty cool product guides that you can access for fun. Definitely worth a look as a substitute.

That’s Why I’m Broke

Thats Why Im Broke Screenshot

This has to be the most opportunistically named site ever, which is so funny because it seems to be working for them so good on them. It basically lists products similar to This is Why I’m Broke, which is pretty cool really. What is amazing is how many products there are to share around, because there does not seem to be too much overlap between this site and This Is Why I’m Broke. It has a good geeky section as well to check out.

This Is Why I’m Broke

This is Why Im Broke Screenshot

This is Why I’m Broke is growing into an internet phenomenon and makes for a great alternative to ThinkGeek. It has its own geeky section which you can browse for a large collection of gift ideas. Overall a fun site to use and if you have not heard of it you should check it out immediately.

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