Sites Similar to This Is Why I’m Broke

Sites similar to This Is Why I’m Broke listed here. This Is Why I’m Broke is a popular website that links to interesting and kitschy products such as iPhone-shaped notepads. Basically, the sites in this list display a range of gimmick products. Click on the titles to go and check some of them out, many of them list interesting and occasionally useful products so are definitely worth a look.

Great Things to Buy

Great Things to Buy Screenshot

Great things to buy is a relatively new site but has quite a few unique finds that make it interesting. The wedding cake toppers listed on this site are some of the funnier items around and absolutely worth a look.

Cool Sh*t You Can Buy

cool you can buy screenshot

This is probably one of the worst named sites ever and quite frankly it is amazing it ranks so well in Google. In a way it seems a little unfair that you can just have swearing in your title as it it grabs readers attentions easily and there seems to be little downside in how this site ranks. A very interesting and unique SEO practice. Regardless, it is another site quite a lot like This Is Why I’m Broke and worth a look if you enjoy that. Its layout is a little more focused on images and it does not link directly to the items, instead linking to individual pages.

That’s Why I’m Broke

Thats Why Im Broke Screenshot

The name of this site is such a rip off, although to be fair it could the original concept is not really original anyway and the sites could very well have been made by the same people for all I know. Regardless, this site is very much similar to the original in name and content. Interestingly, it also has a cool catch phrase burrowed from Futuram’s Fry, namely “Shut up and take my money!” which Fry uses as his justification for buying the latest iPhone-type thing when it is clearly a bad deal.

ThinkGeek Screen Capture

ThinkGeek focuses exclusively on Geeky products. They have one of the best collections and if you are a person who dislikes using Amazon then ThinkGeek is the site for you as they are completely independent. Overall their prices are good and their products are good, but specifically for geeky/nerd/gadget-lovers niche.

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