Starcraft Lore Analysis

A Starcraft analysis that analyses the themes of the game seems almost absurd, but in actuality there are some very interesting ideas behind the lore of the Starcraft universe. In fact, it is probably the most underrated lore of any setting due to the way it is presented through a Real-Time Strategy game. Herein, the lore of the Starcraft universe will be analyzed and discussed, focusing on the underlying ideas presented and the portrayal of the different factions.

Terran Analysis

The Terran are by far the most interesting group in the Starcraft universe, which is interesting because they are humanity. The reason for this is that they are portrayed as chaotic and near impossible to predict due to the large amounts of conflicting cultures and values that make up humanity collectively. That is to say, there are some that are brave such as Raynor, some that are sneaky and manipulative such as Mengsk and others that are militaristic such as Duke. This is most clearly demonstrated in the units, which all have very distinctive and differing personalities.

starcraft marine starcraft terran

The Marines are gung-ho, typical military types. The Firebats are pyromaniacs, the Vulture drivers are arty types. The idea here is that humanity is the truly chaotic force in the universe, as both the Zerg and the Protoss were created by the Zel-naga whereas humanity was spontaneously created by nature. As a result, humanity is the true chaotic force in the Starcraft universe and both the Protoss and the Zerg simply do not know how to deal with them.

Protoss Analysis

starcraft protoss templar starcraft protoss dark templar

The Protoss are most clearly based on the Eldar from Warhammer 40k, who are in turn based on the Elves from the Forgotten Realms setting. In this way, the Dark Templar are clearly analogous to the Dark Eldar and subsequently the Drow. There is also a slight resemblance to the predator creature from the film by the same name. Interestingly, the Protoss collectively are confused as to how to deal with humanity as a result of humanities unpredictable nature. Some of the Protoss, having experienced humans with values closer to their own such as Raynor’s, tend to have a more positive view of humanity. Others have a strong distaste for humanity, viewing humanity as something closer to interfering pests.

The basic idea of the Protoss is that they represent purity of individual form, their bodies and minds being as pure a form as possible. Theoretically speaking, this is precisely what has lead to their downfall as each is capable of complex individual thoughts and subsequently civil unrest resulting in a split between the Dark Templar and the Templar.

Zerg analysis

The clearest influence upon the Zerg is the Xenomorphs from the Alien movies, most specifically of the second film in the series ‘Aliens’. The hive structure, the central authority and mind are all clearly reminiscent as well as the insect-like exoskeletons. The idea here is that the Zerg represent purity of essence, in that they all share the same goal as dictated by their hive mind. Interestingly, Kerrigan’s role in Starcraft and Ripley’s role in Aliens share strong similarities. Both characters have an intuitive understanding of the alien threat and both end up becoming infested and merged with said aliens.

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