Telstra is Evil

Telstra is evil: examples of Telstra’s unethical and outright evil behavior. Telstra, or ‘Hellstra’, is Australia’s primary telecommunication company that has something of a monopoly over the telecommunications infrastructure. It includes the Telstra Bigpond ISP network as a part of the overall company. Herein I will give examples of Telstra’s unethical behavior.

Misleading Behaviour

One of the major problems Telstra has is misleading behavior that attempts to portray its products as significantly superior to what they truly are. Granted, all companies attempt to promote their products and services but Telstra goes above and beyond with sneaky tricks. Take for example the following link in which Telstra reviews its own product:

Telstra Reviews Itself, Gives Glowing Review

Granted, the reviewer herself was not part of Telstra but her tone is anything but neutral. She does not list a single negative, not one. Let’s consider another review, Roger Ebert’s review of The Shawshank Redemption. He gives the film three and a half stars out of four, meaning that there are definitely flaws with the film. Part of being a critic is to try to be a little balanced. Personally, I use the product in question here and it is a good product, but there are negatives as well. There are ‘always’ negatives.

The problem I have here is not that Telstra is promoting its own products, but rather that it is doing it under the guise of criticism. People searching Google for ‘telstra ultimate wireless review’ are searching for a critical analysis that discusses positives and negatives, and when they come across a glowing review they are more likely to buy said product. Telstra is unfairly manipulating the idea of a ‘review’. For me this is not a problem as I just glance at the site and realize it is a Telstra site, so expect the bias, but others are not so cluey.

I mean consider how ridiculous the idea is of reviewing your own products. Here we see a clear example of the Australian journalists simply failing to do their jobs where a corporation is basically reviewing its own products and no one seems to care. I guess there is more pressing news like the newest kitten video on YouTube or Angelina Jolie’s latest adoption.

Customer Dissatisfaction

In customer service surveys, Telstra customers regularly tend to express dissatisfaction with their service. The chief complaints they tend to have are poor customer service over the phone and poor data usage costs. In the following article we see an example of misleading behavior again where a Telstra representative attempts to play down the survey data. Unfortunately for Telstra, the results were repeated in future surveys by other organizations.

Telstra Surveys Response


Then of course there is the example of phone operators who ignore the Do Not Call (DNC) register established by the government. Telstra hides behind a trick here in that the telemarketing organizations are not officially part of Telstra, but the truth is that when you allow people to represent your product they are essentially your employees.

Telstra Telemarketing Harassment


One of the biggest problems with Telstra is its monopoly of Australia telecommunication infrastructure. This has basically prevented much of Australia getting cheaper internet deals and has even seen price increases of late. For example, the Internode price rise was allegedly caused by Telstra, as the following article argues.

Internode Blames Telstra for Prices


Telstra is evil.

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