The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshots with Commentary

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe and being developed by ZeniMax. Here are the first screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online with commentary to explain what the images are showing.

Races of the Daggerfall Covenant

The Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall Covenant

This screenshot shows the three races of the Daggerfall Covenant together. On the left is an Orc, center is a Breton and on the right is a Redguard.

Ayleid Well

Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Well

Two humans near an Ayleid well, which stores magical energy to be used for a temporary boost.

Battle in Ayleid Ruins

Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Ruins

A battle inside some Ayleid ruins against what looks to be a ogre. Note that the Ayleid architecture has a very specific arch design associated with it that distinguishes it. The color scheme and design is very close to that found in Oblivion.

Battle in Catacombs

Elder Scrolls Online Catacombs Ogre

A battle in a catacomb type dungeon against an ogre.

Flame Atronach

The Elder Scrolls Online Flame Atronach

This image shows a Flame Atronach in what appears to be a necromancers lair judging by the banners and items in the background. The Flame Atronach is somewhat like an elemental and can be summoned by mages.

Players vs. Storm Atronachs

The Elder Scrolls Online Storm Atronach

This image shows two players fighting against two Storm Atronachs. Funnily enough, the expression on the face of the human swinging his blade is so close to Oblivion that it must have been directly taken from it.

Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra

Two players against a Spider Daedra. Note in the background behind the Spider Daedra’s leg is another smaller Spider Daedra, which is actually the larger one’s summon. This enemy was often annoying in Oblivion because it could keep summoning smaller versions of itself and hiding behind them. It tends to attack with magic and paralysis.

Mage and Warrior

Elder Scrolls Online Mage and Warrior

A Breton mage in blue walking alongside a Redguard warrior. The city behind them is difficult to identify.

Battle in Black Marsh

Elder Scrolls Online Black Marsh Battle

This battle seems to be taking place in or very near to the Black Marsh, the land of the Argonians who are an amphibian-humanoid race. The plant they are fighting against seems quite new to the Elder Scrolls setting. Interestingly, the Black Marsh is renowned for having sentient plants, such as the Hist plant, which can communicate by having Argonians lick its sap.

Player vs. Clannfear

The Elder Scrolls Online Clannfear

This image shows a picture of a player in battle with a Clannfear. The Clannfear is a member of the Daedra and was present in Oblivion as well as Morrowind. The design looks very close to the traditional, though the patterns on its skin/scales seem more distinguished.

Player in Store

The Elder Scrolls Online Store

This image shows a player character in some variety of store, judging by the surroundings a magic-related shop.

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