Things You Missed in The Dark Knight

Subtle things you missed in The Dark Knight. Take a second look at some of the scenes from the movie to catch some great things you may have missed.

Everything Burns

In the scene where the Joker sets fire to the money you will notice that Lau is placed on top of the pile of money.

The Dark Knight Money Scene

In the next scene the Joker is shown pouring petroleum onto the money and then lighting it with a cigar, without having taken Lau from the top of it. In other words, the joker sets fire to the money while Lau is still seemingly on top of the pile.

The Dark Knight Joker Burning Money

Interestingly, the camera never pans to show the position where Lau would be, strongly suggesting that Lau is on top while never showing it. This makes Nolan one of the greatest censor-dodging directors of all time.

Harvey Dent

When Maroni is getting in his car, Harvey Dent grabs one of his body guards on the left side of the screen and drags him off. It is a very subtle action and missed by most viewers.

The Dark Knight Harvey Dent Maroni

This precedes the scene in which Harvey Dent/Two Face kills Maroni.

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