Vodafone Wireless Internet Review

Vodafone’s Wireless Internet allows people to connect to the Internet wirelessly via a USB stick, or dongle, and therefore potentially have Wireless Internet that is portable and relatively high speed. In theory this sounds like a great idea within the Australian context as our small population density and expansive areas mean that wired Internet is particulerly burdensome to deliver effectively. Herein, Vodafone’s Wireless Internet will be reviewed and the conclusion that it is ultimately let down by either poor coverage or its hardware arrived at.

The Hardware

In reviewing the hardware it is ultimately difficult to come to any clear conclusions because I found that I had poor reception, even within Vodafone’s coverage area. It seemed to me highly improbable that in inner city Brisbane I would have problem with coverage but as it turned out I did. Furthermore, I experienced the problem in both Woolloongabba and the Fortitude Valley.

These issues aside, the hardware that came with it was impressive with both a USB stick and a dock for it to be placed into. The benefit of the dock, which plugs into a standard power socket, is that it allows wireless connection for more than one PC as well as placement of the usb device in a better position for reception while using a local wireless network to access. This offers the option of connecting the device to a an already existing wireless network and distributing internet over it rather than sharing it through one of the computers. Subsequently, the hardware seems to have a lot going for it and I personally found that all of it was relatively easy to set up for anyone with experiencing setting up their own networks.

The Software

The various layers of software worked roughly as expected, which may in fact be a sign that the software was very good. Vodafone mobile connect software was installed via the USB device and came with a data usage monitor which is a great inclusion for those paying for excess data. As with many

The Service

$50 a month for 5 gigabytes of data is a little steep but overall not a bad price, though at the time did not come with any option for shaping and given it is easy to go over data limits this feels a little rough. For people who wish to have wireless internet to check emails and such while away from a wired connection 5 Gigabytes is plenty. For those looking to view youtube videos regularly, it is stretching it. The price, therefore, is relatively standard but the true problem is Vodafone’s reception. For me, I personally had problems in the Fortitude Valley and Woollongabbe, both suburbs in central Brisbane. Furthermore, the connection was unstable and as a result I experienced connection drops about once every 30 seconds for a second or so. While these problems could have been fixed since then, at the time they made the connection near impossible to use.

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