Why Indie Games are on the Rise

Indie Games, games made by third party developers such as gamers themselves or a small group working at home, are on the rise. Herein, the reasons why indie games are on the rise will be explored.

Lone Survivor, a Silent Hill inspired indie game, actually received better scores from IGN than the recently released Silent Hill: Downpour as shown here. Minecraft is simply a giant and Fez is extremely popular as well. However, fewer people ask the question: how is it that these indie developers can beat large studios? The answer seems to be that they are more willing to risk and try new concepts, or at the very least are willing to stick to a vision.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a good horror game because it does not try to present images it expects to be popular. It is what it is and there is something innately respect-worthy about that. Minecraft is basically just virtual lego, but doesn’t try to be any more appealing because that is already a good idea. Fez is a fun puzzle game. The developers are often so busy pursuing what they want to see and trying for new things that they do not care to consider mass appeal, which ends up making the games all the more appealing.


To add further to this the games are often very cheaply priced, almost always under $20. With the average modern game roughly $70, it is a little hard to take it when you happen to purchase one you do not like. With Indie Games you can often buy very large volumes of games for the same figure which makes it particularly appealing for those on a budget. Where other games would often have to be bought by parents as gifts, Indie Games can be purchased with pocket money. This no doubt in part has lead to the sharp growth of games like Minecraft.


Lack of innovation, integrity combined with steep prices in the professional gaming market has lead to the sharp growth of Indie Games.

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