Why MIDI Music is Still Great

MIDI music is still great to listen to, edit and just generally to play around with. As Internet connections have become faster and Hard Drives larger the need for MIDI music files has decreased. However, there are still some great features which makes MIDIs great.

Automatic Scribe Software

One of the great things about MIDIs is that if you happen to have any music scribe software, such as Noteworthy Composer, then you can open the MIDI files as though they were sheet music. While the sheet music that comprises MIDI files can be a little rough, it is often quite good and with composition software you can add to or edit the MIDI file at your whim. It can be great fun and music nuts specifically can have a really great time with it.

Clarity of Notes

When just listening to MIDI music, because there is basically less data in the file itself there is a greater level of clarity between notes. For some pieces of music this really ruins them, but for others it can be great. There are some pieces of music that are actually improved quite a lot by a slight delay between the notes that make it up. It can also be a way of hearing your favorite pieces of music in a way that is different, often illuminating things about that music that you did not realize were present such as instruments very subtle in the background. This particularly applies to classical music.

Small File Size

This has become less of an issue, but for people on a shaped or generally slow Internet connection it still means a lot. If you do not have a lot of music already saved it can be good to listen to some MIDIs. Often, it beats silence.

Old Video Game Music

Old Video Game music is often stored in the MIDI format. While at the time composers were generally trying to mimic the music of the cinemas, the types of sounds produced have grown to be somewhat popular in their own right. Old video game music has an air of fun about it.

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