Why do People Only Care About Themselves?

‘Why do people only care about themselves?’ is a common question asked on sites such as Yahoo Answers. Herein I will attempt to explore the question in detail so as to provide some answers.

The Answer you Want:

Because everyone is trash for ruining whatever plans you had, but you are different so have a right to complain.

Superior Answers:

Psychological Egoism

The psychological egoism school of thought argues that we are simply incapable of anything but concern and care for ourselves. It thus argues that people are all innately selfish and anything that seems otherwise is simply selfish actions masquerading as pious ones. The argument has some validity; after all we are all organisms that evolved with self-interested principles such as survival and passing on our genes. It follows then that if someone is being selfish and cheating, such may benefit them by potentially allowing them to pass on their genes to more offspring or to get more emotional attention.

Cultural Practice

Modern cultural practices tend to encourage a certain degree of selfishness. In some ways, democracy can be seen as a way of mitigating this by allowing everyone to selfishly choose their leaders for their own interests, and installing a government that represents the most overall utility based on those selfish desires.


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