Wikia Review

Review of Wikia website with the positives and negatives shown. I can honestly say that I strongly dislike Wikia, which is basically a website that profits off other people’s content, but I will try to review it in as balanced a way as I possibly can in the circumstances.

Wikia Logo


One of the major issues is that Wikia expects people to contribute for free but makes a profit off their services by displaying advertisements. It is the perfect business as Wikia gets a legion of free workers, however that is also a problem. As Wikia makes money, unlike Wikipedia, those volunteers are not just contributing to a cause they are contributing to a business. Many of those volunteers are underage, so essentially they are underaged workers. On this point I must congratulate Wikia: it has managed to hire underaged workers for no cost in first world nations, underming professional journalism and worker’s rights in one swoop. A job well done.


The site does work very well and if you want to set up a community quickly and do not mind the fact that you are basically working for someone else for free, then the software is fairly intuitive and easy to use. Wikia takes care of hosting fees and the like, which are small anyway and they make the advertising profits which cover them fairly easily.

I am trying to be positive but I really, really dislike Wikia as it takes the popularity of Wikipedia and turns it towards making a profit. The site is good: it functions well. Its just a little unfair it does not share some of its profits with the people responsible for them.


If all you wish to do is create a website for a community of some kind and you do not mind advertisements provided the website is easy to create and intuitive, then Wikia is a good option. If you are turned off by the idea that other people profit from your work, consider hosting a free blog on WordPress.

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