Expensive Wedding Rings: A Repulsive Premise?

Expensive wedding rings are intended as a sign of love and union between a couple and serve as the symbolic sign that a man or woman has entered such a union. However, is this a good thing? Are there any moral problems with the manner in which the wedding ring is used as a symbol of a loving union? Herein, these questions will be discussed.

Expensive Wedding Rings: The Role Of The Wedding Ring

When it comes to the wearing of a ring upon a finger, there is a clear phallic and yonic symbolism going on with the finger sliding through the circular ring. This is meant to be a sign associated with the right to have sex in a biblical sense, only after marriage. The idea is that when a couple love each other they may marry each other and have sex without sin, which the ring comes to represent. As a result, the female wedding ring represents her husband and vice versa.

Expensive Wedding Rings: The Moral Issue

The issue with having an expensive wedding ring, and most of them are excessively expensive, is that it mixes a strong capitalist culture with a somewhat humane vision of love. As a result of this, it suggests that the love of a rich man is more valuable than that of a poorer man and so having an expensive wedding ring to show off the wealth of your husband is important. It would seem almost to suggest that the bigger and more expensive the diamond, a rock, the more valuable the marriage is. This idea seems to run in the face of any notions of true love, which is meant to be the reason for getting married in the first place.

To add further to these issues is that often the expensive ring is only the female’s ring, with the male ring often being a cheaper band of gold. This posits the suggestion that women should not or cannot be the highest earner in a relationship, or at least that is not a valuable attribute whereas it is a valuable attribute for a man. This is problematic in itself, going against many feminist principles.

Expensive Wedding Rings: How It Should Be

Instead of spending excessive amounts of money on a material item such a ring, a ring of a more symbolic nature should be sought out. This way money and labour does not need to be applied in getting something of very little functional worth. It also means that men do not need to be judged by how much they earn and women do not have any stigma associated with earning more money than their husband.

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