Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review and Analysis

Domo Kuns Angry Smash Fest

Domo-Kun Angry Smasfhest is one of the best free flash games ever made, without a doubt. It is well made, challenging, fun and even has a strong comedic vibe. Herein, Domo-Kung Angry Smashfest will be reviewed and analyzed in detail. Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review Positives The primary positive is that the game is simply good [...]

SCP Containment Breach Review and Analysis

SCP Containment Breach Old Man

SCP Containment Breach is a pretty good  horror game given that it is free, in beta and a community project. Some of the ideas behind it are very clever. However, there are also a few problems with it as a horror game that hold it back from being better. Herein, SCP Containment Breach will be [...]

Slender Review and Analysis

Slender Leave Me Alone

Slender is quite an effective horror game overall and as it is a free horror game it is definitely worth playing. The concept for the game is based on a meme in which images of a mythical evil faceless entity with a slender figure is inserted into photos where people are allegedly about to die. [...]

Vagrant Story Review

Vagrant Story Rood Inverse Shrine

A review of Vagrant Story, the old game for the original PlayStation. Vagrant Story is a good game overall and certainly made some very experimental game-play choices. It even scored a perfect 40/40 in the extremely judgemental Famitsu which has to date only given 19 games perfect scores and at the time Vagrant Story was [...]

Japanese Horror (J-horror) and Technology

Ringu Sadako

Japanese horror, called J-horror, differs somewhat from western horror in that technology is often featured strongly rather than the western aesthetic of associating horror with the old or natural world. Herein, Japanese horror and its association with technology will be analysed. J-horror And Technology: Overview Many Japanese horror media items, particularly movies, include strong ties [...]

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Analysis

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Ocean Hotel

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines analysis that focuses on how the horror in the game is functions. This article may contain spoilers for those who have not played and completed the game, so you have been warned. The game is also quite a disturbing game so some of the themes discuss here may be as well. [...]

Armor Games Review

Armor Games

Armor Games review that attempts a balanced perspective on the gaming website Armor Games. Armor games is not a bad time waster and has grown to be quite a good source of free, browser-based games. However, it is not without fault and some of the games can be surprisingly low quality. Game Quality Earlier games [...]

Friv Review


Review of the Friv games website. The Friv website is a website full of children’s games that are all browser based. Many of them contain puzzles, counting activities and the like. They are quite typical games for children and are completely safe. Game Quality The quality of games can really be hit or miss. Some [...]

Friv Heir Guide and Review

Friv Heir

Guide to the Friv game Heir about a man who apparently seeks to rid a people of a most unusual plague and inherit a kingdom. Included is also a review that explores the problems with the game. Unfortunately the game is very buggy which makes it basically unplayable. Guide At the start of the game [...]

Why Indie Games are on the Rise

Lone Survivor

Indie Games, games made by third party developers such as gamers themselves or a small group working at home, are on the rise. Herein, the reasons why indie games are on the rise will be explored. Lone Survivor, a Silent Hill inspired indie game, actually received better scores from IGN than the recently released Silent [...]

Games That Have Large Female Fanbases

Female gamers have become an increasingly common occurence, though the distribution of female gamers tends towards specific games and types of games. Here are some games that have large female fan-bases with explanations as to why they seem to have appealed to them. The Sims It should come as little surprise that The Sims has a large [...]

Psychologically Dynamic Gaming

Pyramid Head CG

A new trend has begun to emerge in gaming: psychologically dynamic gaming. What this means is that a game dynamically alters or changes its content in some way to better suit the player. The only two games that seem to have really attempted this thus far are from the Silent Hill series, primarily Silent Hill [...]

Kotaku’s Unfair Response to Konami’s Offer

Kotaku Logo

Kotaku has mocked Konami’s alternative offer after they revealed they are not going to release a patch for Silent Hill HD on the Xbox360. Konami’s alternative offer is a choice of games provided you have your receipt for the game and purchased it before the 8th of August. Overall, Konami’s offer is actually quite a [...]

Are Video Games Too Violent?

Mass Effect Miranda Gun

The violence in video games debate seems destined to continue into the unforeseen future, but there is another question that is often overlooked: are video games too violent from an artistic perspective? Regardless of whether violence in games in some way translates to violence in reality, or is a reflection of it, it may well [...]

Silent Hill HD Collection Patch Cancelled for Xbox

Silent Hill HD Collection Comparison

The patch to address technical issues for Silent Hill HD Collection has been cancelled for Xbox versions of the game. This is sure to be a major disappointment to fans of the games who were hoping for a good, HD versions of two of the more popular games in the Silent Hill series. Problems with [...]

Why Silent Hill Has Gone Downhill

Silent Hill Creepers Sewer

Precisely when the Silent Hill series started to go downhill seems to be associated roughly with the disbanding of the original development team, but the reasons newer teams have failed to create games as good as the earlier ones in the series is a much more difficult matter to discern. The intention of this article [...]

Mythology in Quest for Glory 4

Quest for Glory 4 Katrina

Quest for Glory 4 is actually a pretty good adventure game set in a kind of dark fantasy setting. There are some great mythological elements that appear throughout the game, many taken from Russian folklore though some derived from more western influences such as Lovecraft. Baba Yaga Baba Yaga is a character from Russian Folklore [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshots with Commentary

The Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall Covenant

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe and being developed by ZeniMax. Here are the first screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online with commentary to explain what the images are showing. Races of the Daggerfall Covenant This screenshot shows the three races of the Daggerfall Covenant together. On [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online Features

The Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Ruins

The general features that will be appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online MMO to be released in 2013. Three Playable Factions The game will feature three playable factions that players may join, each of which contains three different game races and have a general theme associated with them. Aldmeri Dominion – Conquest and group-focused Races: [...]

The Problems with The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Ayleid Ruins

The  problems with the Elder Scrolls MMO discussed with why it has received a lukewarm response from fans of the series shown. Atmosphere What really made the Elder Scrolls games great was atmosphere. Simply having the option to go around and explore a well realized world. The sheer depth of the worlds made the games. [...]