Problems With Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour Shadow Boxer

Silent Hill: Downpour seemed quite promising, but there are some serious problems with the game that prevented it from being more than it might have been. Herein I will explore some of the issues that prevented Downpour from being as good as the earlier Silent Hill Games by discussing how they might have been avoided. [...]

Doom 3 Monsters Analysis

Imp Demon

Analysis of the Monsters of Doom 3 including screenshots and discussion. The creatures of Doom 3. It is worth noting that some of the imagery in Doom 3 has quite strong horror elements and that these article does contain spoilers. Imp The imp is the second variety of creature to appear in the game, just [...]

Is This Doom 4?

Alleged screenshots of Doom 4 compared to visuals from earlier games such as Doom 2. Are these screenshots legitimate images of Doom 4? Recently the website All Games Beta posted a series of screenshots which it claims are images from Doom 4. Herein I will compare them to earlier visuals from the series in the [...]

Doom 3 Analysis

An in-depth analysis of Doom 3 that focuses on explaining why it was such a visceral horror game. Doom 3 was praised heavily for its fantastic visuals and graphics, but little focus was given on just why it was such a successful horror game in terms of getting under the skin of players. This article [...]

Oblivion Retrospective – Will Skyrim be as Good?

With the release of Skyrim imminent the question arises as to whether it will live up to the hype of the Elder Scrolls series, such as Oblivion, or simply not be a particularly good game. However, personally, I am just using this as an excuse to reminisce about Oblivion and hope that Skyrim offers some [...]

Why Battlefield 3 Has Such A Low Amazon Rating

Battlefield 3 is one of the break out video games of 2011, yet has an amazingly low review on Amazon with an average rating of two stars out of five at the time of writing. This remains the case despite the fact that reviewers have given the game relatively positive reviews. Herein the reasons for [...]

Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2

cockpit view from a jet on caspian border

Battlefield 3 has hit the multiplayer shooter world with something of a bang. Now that it is out and the advertising hype has worn off a little, the question of whether it is a better game than Battlefield 2 arises. I will give my thoughts on Battlefield 3 vs Battlefield 2, aiming for a somewhat [...]

Starcraft Lore Analysis

starcraft marine

A Starcraft analysis that analyses the themes of the game seems almost absurd, but in actuality there are some very interesting ideas behind the lore of the Starcraft universe. In fact, it is probably the most underrated lore of any setting due to the way it is presented through a Real-Time Strategy game. Herein, the [...]

Multiplayer Gamer Types

The personality types of gamers playing multiplayer games online discussed and how to defeat them explored! Which gamer type are you? Cool Cat Cool cat believes himself to be almost too cool to be playing video games. He or she will repeatedly remind all other players that they are social misfits or that they have [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Impressions

Box Art

The various pre-releases of Silent Hill Downpour, either in the form of playable demos or trailers, have received mixed reviews from the Silent Hill fan base and generally unfavorable reviews from critics. However, I have somewhat different views from what I have seen and feel that I should express them. This article will also be [...]

Final Fantasy 12 Plot Analysis

Final Fantasy 12 has a fantastic plot, perhaps the strongest plot of the entire Final Fantasy series. The underlying themes of Final Fantasy 12 will be analysed and discussed herein. Final Fantasy 12 Plot Overview The plot of Final Fantasy 12 follows Vaan, an orphan of war, as he gets caught up in a quest [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Screenshots

silent hill downpour miners screenshot

Silent Hill Downpour Monster Screenshots

Silent Hill Downpour Plot Themes Analysis

Murphy in the otherworld.

Herein, the plot themes of Silent Hill: Downpour will be explored via what has been learnt from the preview trailers.Interestingly, many of the aesthetic themes that appear to occur in the game are old Shakespearean-time devices such as crows symbolizing death and bad weather an ill omen. It is important to note that this guide [...]

What Makes A Good Horror Game

A Classroom in the original Silent Hill game.

While there are a large number of horror video games that are produced, it seems only a few really have a lasting impact as being legitimately scary. I personally have a few ideas as to what makes a good horror game work and what does not. Herein, the various techniques that work to produce impressive [...]

Roger Ebert’s Challenge to Gamers

Film critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert has gathered a degree of infamy amongst gamers, and specifically gaming related press, for his view that video games are not art. In this article I am taking the view that Ebert’s position is a challenge to gamers and designers to produce art in the gaming context. [...]

Why Tomb Raider Was a Success

Lara Croft carefully approaches the Kraken.

The early Tomb Raider games were one of the break out successes in the video game industry, but the reasons for its success tend to be oversimplified or ignored. Herein, I will argue that above all else the sublime environments and imagery of the game was the primary reason for its success. The Sublime The [...]

Doom Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you in Doom, Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom. Doom Controls Optimization Doom’s default control settings are awful when compared to today’s shooters. As a result, there are a number of great tips that will help you dramatically improve the game. Set Always Run to On Quite a few Doom players [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Characters Analysis

Murphy Close Up Larger Image

The chracters of Silent Hill Downpour take a slightly different route than the previous games as all or most of them seem to be related to the prison system. This leads to a whole series of potential new themes for Downpour to explore. As a warning, this guide is speculate at this stage and may [...]

Silent Hill Downpour Monsters Analysis

Miners Larger Image

The monsters of Silent Hill Downpour analyzed in relation to their meanings in regard to the plot. This guide also includes screenshots of the monsters from Silent Hill Downpour. Note that this guide is speculation and also that it may contain spoilers. The main thing to understand before attempting to understand the meaning of the [...]

Silent Hill 2 Stuck in the Well

James at the bottom of the well.

How to get out of the well at the end of the historical society in Silent Hill 2 revealed. Furthermore, an analysis of the area design and its significance to the overall plot. Those who have not finished the game are advised not to read below the image as to prevent spoilers. How To Get [...]