MSN Messenger Etiquette

MSN Messenger Etiquette is hardly the etiquette of formal dining, but rather a few simple rules and methods of behaving so as not to annoy others.

1. Don’t Bother People who are Away/Busy

This one almost seems to go without saying, but people still seem to completely ignore the status of the user. If the status is away/busy, you really should not be bothering them unless they stated otherwise.

2. Use the Status if you don’t wish to be bothered.

Away/Busy/At Lunch or even your own busy status are all available for you to use at the click of a button, so use them. It is irritating to have someone who has their status set to available only for them to get a little annoyed when you try to have a conversation with them.

3. Say Goodbye

It can be very annoying to be in the middle of a conversation with someone when they suddenly leave. Because of connection issues and the like, when a person leaves the other person is often prompted to wait a little while. For this reason at least, say goodbye before you log out or stop talking.

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