Sites Similar to ThinkGeek

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Sites similar to ThinkGeek listed here. ThinkGeek is a site that sells geeky and nerdy products. Some of the products are just for show and others are actually useful technical gadgets. The sites listed here display products that are quite similar to those displayed on ThinkGeek and are definitely worth checking out if only for [...]

Proof Kim Dotcom is an Idiot

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom is an idiot and his recent statements concerning what he would do if he were president of the United States is absolute proof of this. Here are all Kim Dotcom’s plans for his fantasy presidency with critiques of each of them. Kim Dotcom: 1. Stop all wars the United States are involved in (offline [...]

Why MIDI Music is Still Great

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MIDI music is still great to listen to, edit and just generally to play around with. As Internet connections have become faster and Hard Drives larger the need for MIDI music files has decreased. However, there are still some great features which makes MIDIs great. Automatic Scribe Software One of the great things about MIDIs [...]

Does the Media have an Obligation to Portray Fairly?

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

The recent George Zimmerman case shows examples of how unfairly the media portrayed Zimmerman by posting a picture of a much younger Trayvon Martin compared to a prison photo of George Zimmerman in an orange jumpsuit. Now, the media wants to create a story that gets people’s attentions and thus to sell advertisements, which is [...]

How to Analyze an Advertisement

Gucci Perfume Ad

This guide will show you how to analyze an advertisement by explaining in detail how ads work. While advertising as a field includes a lot of subtlety, it basically all boils down to appealing to people. Whenever a product is being advertised it is an appeal to people. People are rarely clear-minded logicians, but rather [...]

Sites Similar to This Is Why I’m Broke

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Sites similar to This Is Why I’m Broke listed here. This Is Why I’m Broke is a popular website that links to interesting and kitschy products such as iPhone-shaped notepads. Basically, the sites in this list display a range of gimmick products. Click on the titles to go and check some of them out, many [...]

Human Alpha Male: Myth or Fact?

Alpha male is a term often used by various sites online discussing what women want in men. The argument is that like animals have a dominant male of a group that gets the most chances to mate, human alpha males also do. However, does the human alpha male exist or is it a myth? Human [...]

The language of Celebrity Gossip

The language of celebrity gossip is very clever in that it enables journalists in the field to make claims without being the ones that officially be doing so. This enables them to create content that is based on very little evidence, if any evidence, and to subsequently make money doing so. In this article the [...]

2011 Recap

2011 is over, and it has been an interesting year for Esoteric Articles as a site. Overall, the site’s popularity has risen multiplied by roughly ten since early January. Not a stunning result, but still a respectable climb. Herein, the positives and negatives of 2011 for Esoteric Articles as a site will be discussed. Positives [...]

Choosing the Right Student Desk for Study

A quality study desk can mean a great deal of difference for a student. There are many factors that must be considered before choosing a student desk for studying. Comfort, Computer space, book space, shape and transportability will all be discussed. Comfort Factor The first and most obvious property that a suitable study desk should [...]

Best Study Music

The best study music, focusing on music without lyrics. Baroque/Classical/Romantic Study Music: Bach Bach’s ordered Baroque music makes a great companion to study, and as an added bonus many of his pieces are also quite long. Tocatta and Fugue in D minor Beethoven Beethoven’s music is often just that bit too passionate to be used [...]

Creating a Good Study Environment: Setting Up a Home Studying Environment

Whether studying for school, college, university, trade or even for leisure, setting up an effective home study environment is crucial to enable effective learning. There are many ways in which an effective study environment can quite easily be created, some of which are obvious and some that are less so. Herein will be a guide [...]

Study Tips: Improve Study Habits Through Organization

For many of us it can be difficult to improve study habits, particular if we have developed poor ones and become used to them. If you often find yourself in a situation where you are madly rushing to finish an assignment the day before it is due or to study a textbook before a test, [...]

Generation Y Workplace The Generation Y Workforce

Gen Y in the Workplace With increasingly aged populations and the recent economic recession the focus on the state of the workforce has moved onto the upcoming Generation Y. This focus has included common and often times unsubstantiated allegations of Generation Y laziness and lack of loyalty, but rarely is any evidence beyond anecdotal evidence [...]

The Mist Song at the End

Answer: Host Of The Seraphim by Dead Can Dance The song that plays at the end of The Mist is the Host Of The Seraphim by the Australian duo Dead Can Dance and found on their album The Serpent’s Egg. The vocalist is Lisa Gerrard, most famous for her vocals from the film soundtrack to [...]

What is the Song Les Grossman Dances to Tropic Thunder?

What is the song Les Grossman Dances to in Tropic Thunder? Get Back by Ludacris is the song Les Grossman dances to in Tropic thunder and during the credits. He also danced to it at the MTV Movie Awards. The song can be found on Ludacris’ The Red Light Distrct albulm. It is also available [...]

Why do People Only Care About Themselves?

‘Why do people only care about themselves?’ is a common question asked on sites such as Yahoo Answers. Herein I will attempt to explore the question in detail so as to provide some answers. The Answer you Want: Because everyone is trash for ruining whatever plans you had, but you are different so have a [...]

Esoteric Articles Youtube Video List

A list of all the Esoteric Articles Youtube videos from newest to oldest. How to Convert MP4 to MP3 This video shows how to convert MP4 to MP3 using the free VLC Media Player. Text version: How to Convert MP4 to MP3 Using VLC Media Player SEO Quick Reference Guide This guide is a very [...]

What is Esoteric Articles

Esoteric Articles is a listing of articles designed to explore topics in more depth than most websites. This may mean attempting some variety of analysis of a movie, or game, that borders too far on the theoretical for Wikipedia. It may also mean simply a ‘how to’ guide for a particularly dated game. Games Section [...]

The Validity of Racism as a Concept – Is Racism Right?

The recent US elections, with the election of Barack Obama, have pushed the topic of race to the forefront of public attention, but few have attempted to truly ask the important question at the heart of the issue: is racism right? Does the idea that some races are superior, or at least different, to each [...]