Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield Analysis

Jules Winnfield (Samuel Jackson) of Pulp Fiction is another great character from the fantastic Tarantino film Pulp Fiction. While plenty has been said of the performances in the movie, little has been said of what these performances mean overall. As a post-modernist film, each of the characters in Pulp Fiction represents a manner of viewing the world. Jules’ method of viewing the world is essentially spiritual, which will be explained herein.

Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield

How Does Jules Winnfield Represent Spirituality?

Whenever Jules is in a seen he argues for an intuitive perspective on situations, a perspective based on an innate feeling towards a matter rather than a logical analysis. This leads him to often argue heavily with Vincent Vega, who takes a more logical approach. Jules’ intuitive perspective is actually a religious perspective, as he ‘feels’ god in situations.

Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega

Jules and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) have an odd relationship in that while they have somewhat opposed ideologies, they can still debate and argue about them while remaining friends.

The first debate they have with each other is in regards to whether or not giving a foot massage to another man’s wife is an erotic action, to which Jules disagrees. The reason Jules disagrees is because he uses his moral intuition rather than logic, which leads him to the conclusion that the foot is not an erotic area and as such someone touching it is not an erotic action.

The second debate Jules and Vincent have with each other in Pulp Fiction is in regards to whether the gunman missed them as a result of divine intervention or freak occurrence. Jules argues that it was divine intervention because he felt god’s presence. He thus argues that because he intuitively knows god was involved, he does not need a ration explanation to which Vincent disagrees. This spiritual revelation causes him to leave the crime lifestyle.

Jules Lives, Vincent Dies

The manner in which Vincent dies and Jules lives is particularly interesting because it is up to interpretation of the viewer. If the viewer takes Vincent’s side, he died because he had no partner to back him up. If the viewer takes Jules’ side, Vincent died because he failed to heed the sign given to him by god.

Jules Is Always With Vincent

The reason for Jules always being seen with Vincent in the film is that without Vincent, or logic, Jules would become uninterested in the concerns of the physical world due to his religious perspective. At the end, this is what happens in that Jules decides to wander the earth alone. This also has connotations with biblical Caine, who after committing the murder of able was touched by god and forced to wander the earth immortal.

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