Alternatives to AdWords

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Alternatives to Google Adwords advertising program. Adwords is a good program for getting visitors to your site, but it can also be very expensive and can even attract the wrong type of visitors. This article will detail legitimate alternatives to Adwords with an emphasis on the positives and negatives of each. Facebook Advertising I am [...]

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review and Analysis

Domo Kuns Angry Smash Fest

Domo-Kun Angry Smasfhest is one of the best free flash games ever made, without a doubt. It is well made, challenging, fun and even has a strong comedic vibe. Herein, Domo-Kung Angry Smashfest will be reviewed and analyzed in detail. Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest Review Positives The primary positive is that the game is simply good [...]

SCP Containment Breach Review and Analysis

SCP Containment Breach Old Man

SCP Containment Breach is a pretty good  horror game given that it is free, in beta and a community project. Some of the ideas behind it are very clever. However, there are also a few problems with it as a horror game that hold it back from being better. Herein, SCP Containment Breach will be [...]

Slender Review and Analysis

Slender Leave Me Alone

Slender is quite an effective horror game overall and as it is a free horror game it is definitely worth playing. The concept for the game is based on a meme in which images of a mythical evil faceless entity with a slender figure is inserted into photos where people are allegedly about to die. [...]

Vagrant Story Review

Vagrant Story Rood Inverse Shrine

A review of Vagrant Story, the old game for the original PlayStation. Vagrant Story is a good game overall and certainly made some very experimental game-play choices. It even scored a perfect 40/40 in the extremely judgemental Famitsu which has to date only given 19 games perfect scores and at the time Vagrant Story was [...]

Everybody Loves Raymond Review

Everybody Loves Raymond Group

A very late review of Everybody Loves Raymond, the popular Television series. This review attempts a balanced perspective focusing on the positives and the negatives of the show. Negatives Sometimes Deborah is just so over the top with her attitude towards Ray that it begins to wear on the comedy. When watching there are times [...]

Foxtel Review

Foxtel Logo

Review of the Foxtel Australian pay-tv service. Foxtel has a few problems that people considering getting it should know about before hand. Overall it is not so bad provided you have the money for it, but here are the positives and negatives starting with the negatives. The Negatives The Australian pay-tv service Foxtel provides an [...]

Armor Games Review

Armor Games

Armor Games review that attempts a balanced perspective on the gaming website Armor Games. Armor games is not a bad time waster and has grown to be quite a good source of free, browser-based games. However, it is not without fault and some of the games can be surprisingly low quality. Game Quality Earlier games [...]

Friv Review


Review of the Friv games website. The Friv website is a website full of children’s games that are all browser based. Many of them contain puzzles, counting activities and the like. They are quite typical games for children and are completely safe. Game Quality The quality of games can really be hit or miss. Some [...]

Inglourious Basterds Review

Inglourious Basterds Cover

Review of Inglourious Basterds which attempts a balanced approach to the film. Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is a good film, though not without fault. Here are the positives and negatives of Inglourious Basterds. Positives The film develops an incredible sense of tension. Violence is fast and every character feels vulnerable, partially due to Tarantino having no [...]

Google Panda Review

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Google Panda update review and discussion that focuses on the positives and negatives of the latest Google search results update. We are consumers, Google is a service, and so it is entirely fine to review Google’s Panda update and the consequences of it. This review aims to reveal the full consequences of the Panda update, [...]

BuySellAds Review

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BuySellAds review that explores the pros and cons of BuySellAds in detail, as well as how to effectively use the ad network. BuySellAds is an advertising network that basically facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space on specific websites. Its payment models are either CPM, which means per 1000 views, or  per month, which [...]

Doomsday Preppers Review

Doomsday Preppers Gun Misfire

Doomsday Preppers is quite a great show, though there are some schizophrenic design choices which aim to make the show appealing to viewers who agree with prepping for Doomsday and those that think it is crazy, but also undermine the weight of the show. Herein, Doomsday Preppers will be reviewed in detail with attention paid [...]

Why Gmail is Better than Hotmail

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Gmail is simply a better free service for E-mail than Hotmail is. Here is a simple list of reasons why Gmail is the better service, with clear arguments given in its favor. In the early part of the 2000s it would have been difficult to conceive that Hotmail would be replaced in popularity by Gmail. [...]

Royal Pains Review

Royal Pains

Royal Pains is one of the stranger series to hit television in recent years primarily on account of how amazingly dry it is. The series is about a doctor who is fired for deciding to save the lives of two poor patients rather than one wealthy patient, who just so happened to be a sponsor [...]

Bill Bot Review

Bill Bot is a new chat bot very much like Cleverbot, but just starting out. As a result it lacks the kind of knowledge that Cleverbot has and so makes very silly errors. However, in contrast to Cleverbot Bill Bot can be directly taught by users by typing “Wrong its Really?” and then what Bill [...]

Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband Review

Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband service review that explores the positives and negatives of Telstra’s relatively new USB Wi-Fi package. Generally, the quality of high-speed Wi-Fi internet in Australia has been of low quality with services basically having tricks and traps associated with them. Telstra is an organization that has been particularly guilty of this on [...]

oDesk Review

oDesk provides services for employers and employees to meet up and work together over the Internet. The employees mostly take the form of freelancers, although more permanent positions are offered from time to time. Herein, the positives and negatives of oDesk will be revealed. Positives: Reputable and award-winning business Free to use for providers (employees), [...]

Netgear Wireless-G Modem Router Review: Model DG834G Review

Netgear DG834G Wireless router and modem review that exposes the positives and negatives of the Netgear DG834G Wireless router. Features at a glance ADSL and ADSL2/2+ 802.11G and 802.11B standards supported 802.11G can support 54 Mbps speeds Four 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet Ports One Phone Line Connecter In Built Firewall Encryption Protocols: WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WEP, WPA-802.1x, [...]

USB Headphones Vs. Audio Jack Headphones

When buying a new headset it can be difficult to decide whether to purchase pair of headphones that plug into the computer via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or whether to go with the traditional audio jack headphones. This guide is intended to deliver information on what is the difference between USB headphones and [...]