Vodafone Wireless Internet Review

Vodafone’s Wireless Internet allows people to connect to the Internet wirelessly via a USB stick, or dongle, and therefore potentially have Wireless Internet that is portable and relatively high speed. In theory this sounds like a great idea within the Australian context as our small population density and expansive areas mean that wired Internet is [...]

Associated Content Review

Associated Content, now part of the Yahoo Contributor Network, is one of the better paying online writing opportunities. It works by publishing your article on their website alongside a collection of Google Advertisements and then paying writers a combination of upfront payments alongside payments per article view. Overall, Associated Content is a good opportunity but [...]

Advertising vs Affiliate Programs

The difference between advertising and affiliate programs explored in detail to provide some insight into what a website should use to make money There are no short amount of people new to web entrepreneurial activities who are wondering just what the difference is between these two ways of making money, or possibly unaware of what [...]

Ciao Surveys Review

Ciao Surveys is an England based survey company that delivers mainly Australian related surveys. This article will critically review Ciao Surveys and offer a guide to how lucrative the company is for those filling out surveys with it. The short answer is that overall it is not very lucrative, in fact not lucrative at all. [...]

Wireless Mouse Vs Wired Mouse: Cordless Mouse Vs Corded Mouse

Wireless mouse technology has been around for a while now, yet wired mouse still remain readily available for purchase from stores. Herein, the advantages and disadvantages of both cordless and corded mouses will be discussed. Wireless Mouse Vs Wired Mouse: Positives of the Wireless Mouse The primary and most obvious example of the benefit of [...]

Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver Review: Model ES-SA40 Review

Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-SA40 Review: Features and Specifications Battery Charge Time:Eight Hours, but can half charge within 30 minutes. Charger Type: Station, acts as a stand for the shaver. Number Of Blades: Two. Trimmer: Yes. Waterproof: Yes Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-SA40 Review: The Positives Panasonic are renowned for well made electrical appliances, and the ES-SA40 is not [...]

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: The Positives and Negatives

Electric Shaver Vs Razor: Benefits of the Electric Shaver Electric shavers have a number of benefits over using razors to shave. The first and primary benefit of electric shavers is that they are significantly less likely to cause razor burn. Not only is Razor burn an irritating itch, it also often appears quite bad as [...]

Wireless Mouse Logitech V220 Review

The Logitech V220 Wireless Optical Mouse for laptops is basically a small mouse that is meant to be portable so it can be dragged along with a laptop instead of using the always-annoying touch pad. Unbelievably, this specific model of mouse has lasted almost five years for me and still shows no signs of failing. [...]

Telstra Bigpond Pre-paid Wireless Broadband Review

Bigpond Pre-paid Wireless Broadband is a broadband package in which you buy a modem and can then recharge in the same manner that people recharge a mobile, by going to a licensed Telstra dealer and paying for a number that you enter to recharge. This sounds like a great idea, and has potential, but as [...]