Silent Hill 2 Endings Analysis

The endings of Silent Hill 2 discussed, focusing on the serious endings rather than the bonus endings. The idea is that the endings will be explored focusing on their plot and the significance of them, rather than a guide on how to get them.

Silent Hill 2 Ending

Silent Hill 2 In Water Ending

The ‘In Water’ ending is perhaps the most pessimistic of all the endings of Silent Hill 2. In this ending James realizes that the real reason he came to Silent Hill was to kill himself to be with his dead wife. He thus comes to the conclusion that he cannot live without her andgets in his car to drive it into Silent Hill’s lake, killing himself. In order to obtain this ending the first thing the player needs to do is to not worry so much about James’ health, letting him basically remain injured. The second thing the player needs to do is pay great detail to anything related to Mary, such as her letter, as well as to repeatedly examine the knife.

Silent Hill 2 Maria Ending

The Maria ending sees James facing off against an illusion of his late wife, who then turns into the end monster. After defeating her, he meets up with Maria and leaves Silent Hill with her. The idea with this ending is that James cannot face the truth, so he relies on the imaginary Maria. Of course, as she was brought forth by his mind to remind him of the murder of his wife, she coughs a few times at the ending indicating that she will go through the same things that Mary did. In order to obtain this ending, the player basically needs to make James obsessed with Maria by protecting her very carefully as well as constantly checking on her and searching for her. James must also avoid topics concerning Mary as much as possible.

Silent Hill 2 Leave Ending

The leave ending features James leaving Silent Hill after his illusion of Mary tells him to go on with his life. This is pretty well the best ending, as James comes to terms with the murder of his wife but does not kill himself. Instead, he lives Silent Hill alongside Laura, who may represent the parts of his wife he did not like and thus this ending is the precise opposite to the Maria ending. As this ending is the healthiest for James, the manner in which it is obtained is by basically looking after James’ health as well as paying attention to topics about Mary, but not to an obsessive level.

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