Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Analysis

The Silent Hill 3 hospital room scene with the mirror is often held as the games best horror scene. Herein, just why the scene is so effective and also the meaning behind it will be revealed.

Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room

Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Effectiveness

The primary reason the mirror room is effective is because it allows the player to see into the future, to see the threat, before setting it on the player. It was once said that action is when there is a bomb under a table that goes off, suspense is when the audience knows that it is there but it does not go off. The mirror scene functions in precisely the same manner, by suggesting what will happen to Heather and showing the player before actually letting it begin to happen. Of course, the player is extremely like to attempt to escape if they know what will happen, so the door is locked half way into it. This all makes the mirror room particularly effective.

Silent Hill 3 Mirror Room Meaning

The mirror room scene is actually more than simply a strange occurrence; it is actually a manifestation from Heather subconscious mind. Heather despises looking at herself in the mirror for a number of reasons, from the belief that she is not attractive to it reminding her of her past as Alessa. As a result, she begins to hate the mirror image and thus the image begins to be attacked. Of course, ultimately she must take responsibility for the image as hers and thus she begins to have self-destructive feelings, culminating in her own death if she stays in the room.

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