Alternatives to AdWords

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Alternatives to Google Adwords advertising program. Adwords is a good program for getting visitors to your site, but it can also be very expensive and can even attract the wrong type of visitors. This article will detail legitimate alternatives to Adwords with an emphasis on the positives and negatives of each. Facebook Advertising I am [...]

Proof Kim Dotcom is an Idiot

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom is an idiot and his recent statements concerning what he would do if he were president of the United States is absolute proof of this. Here are all Kim Dotcom’s plans for his fantasy presidency with critiques of each of them. Kim Dotcom: 1. Stop all wars the United States are involved in (offline [...]

Japanese Horror (J-horror) and Technology

Ringu Sadako

Japanese horror, called J-horror, differs somewhat from western horror in that technology is often featured strongly rather than the western aesthetic of associating horror with the old or natural world. Herein, Japanese horror and its association with technology will be analysed. J-horror And Technology: Overview Many Japanese horror media items, particularly movies, include strong ties [...]

Sites Similar to Google

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Sites similar to Google listed here. Google is the most popular search engine but it is far from the only one. Here are other search engines like Google listed with explanations as to how each of them operates. The aim of this list is to give examples of other sites like Google rather than just [...]

Wikia Review

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Review of Wikia website with the positives and negatives shown. I can honestly say that I strongly dislike Wikia, which is basically a website that profits off other people’s content, but I will try to review it in as balanced a way as I possibly can in the circumstances. Negatives One of the major issues [...]

Will Wikipedia Survive? – Threats Wikipedia Faces

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It is unlikely that Wikipedia will survive in its current format for the long term. There is a weird trend with technology wherein people seem to temporally forget that a bad idea remains a bad idea despite being presented by new technology. Wikipedia has a lot of moral, and perhaps legal, issues that it seems [...]

Has Information Technology Truly Improved Our Lives?


Has Information Technology truly improved our lives? It is a difficult question to answer properly. Information Technology and gadgets have certainly empowered us, but whether this means that it has also improved our lives is quite a different question. Herein the topic will be explored in detail by focusing on the negatives and the positives. [...]

Alternatives to BuySellAds


Alternatives to BuySellAds. BuySellAds is a good advertising network but for one reason or another there is sometimes a need for an alternative to it. Herein is a list of alterntives to BuySellAds with a quick review of each of them. iSocket iSocket is one of the older alternatives to BuySellAds and pretty good overall. [...]

Imagine if Facebook Shut Down

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This article imagines all the consequences that would follow Facebook shutting down. The idea is that it is just a fun article to imagine what would happen and where. Basically, a thought exercise. Facebook shutting down would not effect people in the way that Google shutting down would. It is not a necessity for many [...]

Has Jimmy Wales Killed the Idea of Not-for-Profit?

Jimmy Wales

How Jimmy Wales has killed the idea of not-for-profit organizations once and for all. There is a lot of justified cynacism about not-for-profit organizations who often have leaders that profit. Normally these organizations are not public enough to draw wide attention, but Wikipedia has risen to be large enough and Jimmy Wales is the one profiting from [...]

How to Search the Web for Files

File Search

How to search the web for files effectively. The main trick is to know a few simple search engine tricks that enable you to skip irrelevant results and get straight to the files. Add Extensions to Searches Remember that all files have extensions, which are the letters at the end of the file name after the full [...]

Imagine if Google Shut Down

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What would happen if Google shut down suddenly and sharply. No back ups, no restores. Google just disappears in an instant without any warning. It certainly is a slightly unsettling idea and some students trying to complete an assignment the night before it is due will particularly be caught out, but what other consequences would [...]

Why MIDI Music is Still Great

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MIDI music is still great to listen to, edit and just generally to play around with. As Internet connections have become faster and Hard Drives larger the need for MIDI music files has decreased. However, there are still some great features which makes MIDIs great. Automatic Scribe Software One of the great things about MIDIs [...]

How Google Handles Problems

YouTube Downloader

This story is an example of how Google handles problems. It is service like this which no doubt has lead to Google being such an economic giant. Recently I learned that an extension I had downloaded for Google’s Chrome browser, that allowed me to download YouTube videos as Mp3s, Flv and Mp4 files, had been [...]

Google Panda Review

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Google Panda update review and discussion that focuses on the positives and negatives of the latest Google search results update. We are consumers, Google is a service, and so it is entirely fine to review Google’s Panda update and the consequences of it. This review aims to reveal the full consequences of the Panda update, [...]

Why Cleverbot is so Random

Cleverbot Quote

Why Cleverbot is so random revealed. The main reason Cleverbot is so random is that it responds randomly based on past responses. The idea behind this is that rather than relying on the intelligence of AI, just use the intelligence of past people that have answered similar questions. For example, if Cleverbot is asked the [...]

BuySellAds Review

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BuySellAds review that explores the pros and cons of BuySellAds in detail, as well as how to effectively use the ad network. BuySellAds is an advertising network that basically facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space on specific websites. Its payment models are either CPM, which means per 1000 views, or  per month, which [...]

Google Panda: Domain Names Are Now Very Important

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Google’s Panda update was a major shake up that resulted in backlinks being greatly devalued in importance and as a result other factors, such as domain names, becoming dramatically more important. Herein why domain names are now very important for SEO and the negative consequences of that will be given. Why Backlinks Are Not Important [...]

The Death of Backlinks

Google’s Panda killed the value of backlinks, which is very unfortunate as a great deal of content. While it may be for the best overall, hopefully, here are some of the ways lowering the value of backlinks has hurt online content and communities. WordPress Themes One of the great things about the previous value of [...]

Content Aggregation Earns More Money than Content

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Content aggregation earns more money than producting content. Sites that aggregate content, such as Rotten Tomatoes and even Google, tend to earn more than the content they aggregate. This is a grave situation for while it is true that organizations like Google which make information readily accessible deserve to earn money based on that service, [...]