Social Media and Ownership: Who Owns the Data of our Lives?

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Social Media has raised a troubling question: who owns the data of our lives? One of the major problems with the rise of Social Media is that the data that largely defines our lives is in the hands of corporations who have as their primary aim to make money. No matter how well intentioned companies [...]

How Skype Can Grow to Become a True Giant

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Skype could be one of the biggest, undoubtedly this thought is what led Microsoft to purchase it. Herein, the ways in which Microsoft’s Skype can continue to grow and grow will be shown. Further Integration With Social Media This basically means better integration with Facebook, but Myspace is also included. Microsoft has already integrated quite [...]

Online Dating is a Waste of Time

Online dating is an intereting concept as it offers the potential to meet a very large selection of people, but has serious problems with it. Herein, some of the reasons online dating is a waste of time for the vast majority of people attempting it will be given. State of Mind The problem with online [...]

Psychologically Dynamic Gaming

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A new trend has begun to emerge in gaming: psychologically dynamic gaming. What this means is that a game dynamically alters or changes its content in some way to better suit the player. The only two games that seem to have really attempted this thus far are from the Silent Hill series, primarily Silent Hill [...]

How to Speed Up Internet On Slow Connections

Simple guide on how to speed up internet on slow connections. Sometimes, be it because you have exceeded your download quota or because of how you are accessing the Internet, you are forced to use a slow connection which can simply be unbearable. This is a very simple guide that shows a few tricks I have [...]

How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

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How to stay on Google’s good side as a publisher, advertiser or just in a general sense shown with examples. While Google is by no means a perfect, moral organization it does try to do the right thing. This means that Google will often try to do ‘good’ by people even if they are not [...]

Problems with Self Publishing

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The problems with self publishing explored in detail. The rise of self publishing has been something of an inevitability with the rise of ereaders, but this rise has brought some more specific problems to the publishing industry. Herein, some of the problems with self publishing will be discussed. Lack of Regulation While traditional publishing models [...]

Why Gmail is Better than Hotmail

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Gmail is simply a better free service for E-mail than Hotmail is. Here is a simple list of reasons why Gmail is the better service, with clear arguments given in its favor. In the early part of the 2000s it would have been difficult to conceive that Hotmail would be replaced in popularity by Gmail. [...]

Laptop Software Buyers Guide

Choosing the right software for a laptop purchase can be a difficult and confusing task, this guide will help to give some basic information about what to choose and why. Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Operating System Software The operating system is basically the software that every piece of hardware and all programs interact with in [...]

Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide


Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide: Before Starting Before starting to even look at laptops and their components a good practice is to write down a list of all the things you need a laptop to be able to do performance wise. What this ultimately ensures is that you buy a laptop that has all the hardware [...]

Corruption in Online Business Practices

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The rise of the Internet has brought with it major opportunities for business online, but it has also brought new ways for people willing to bend and break rules and codes of ethics to unfairly succeed. The law has simply not yet caught up to some of the many problems. Herein are some examples of [...]

List of Free Computer Software

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This list of free computer software is designed to help you get a full suite of software completely free. From Operating System to Office, Internet and Image editing software this guide will detail as much great, free editing software around. Best of all the software is all completely legal, none of these downloads are illegal. [...]

The New Digg is Terrible

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Digg has been updated as of August 1, and the new Digg is simply terrible. There were a lot of directions that Digg might have taken as part of its revival, presumably a direction inspired somewhat by Reddit. However, Betaworks (the new owners of Digg) have gone in precisely the wrong direction. Here are some [...]

Sites Like Cleverbot

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List of sites like Cleverbot that you can access to talk to various chat bots. There are actually quite a few similar sites to Cleverbot around and listing every single one is a big ask, but I’ll give it a shot. Jabberwacky Jabberwacky seems to be made by the same people who created Cleverbot, or [...]

Google’s New Search Results Layout

Google's New Search Results Layout

Google has updated its search results page layout to a new one as of 26 July 2012, with an interesting change but one that also has a few problems. The change involves content being delivered directly by Google alongside search results, so that if a name such as “Roger Ebert” is searched for basic details [...]

DARPA’s Awesome Technology

darpa holographic display

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has some simply incredible technology that truly seems taken directly from the pages of Science Fiction. Herein, some of this technology is explored and shown. Holographic Sandtable Display Not only have DARPA created a holographic display system that works very effectively in a non-gimmicky way, but it is interactive. [...]

Free Backlinks Sites List

Ultimate free backlinks sites list. A list of sites and sources that provide free backlinks to your website and a quick guide on how to use them. I will not list any sites that can give you backlinks if you comment as then it may result in that site being spammed, ruining it. This guide [...]

Bill Bot Review

Bill Bot is a new chat bot very much like Cleverbot, but just starting out. As a result it lacks the kind of knowledge that Cleverbot has and so makes very silly errors. However, in contrast to Cleverbot Bill Bot can be directly taught by users by typing “Wrong its Really?” and then what Bill [...]

Google Search Easter Eggs

Google Do A Barrel Roll Screenshot

Type these search terms into Google to see some Easter Eggs Google has included into their search system. Easter Eggs are basically just hidden gimmicks in a piece of software that you can access by doing a very specific action. Google has included some amusing Easter Eggs that make fun of and play around with [...]

Cleverbot Quotes From Forums

Cleverbot quotes from the forum that I am moving here because I am getting rid of the forum. There are some of the quotes posted by users that I did not wish to delete. Feel free to add your own quotes in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Here is one I [...]