Michael Scott Character Analysis

Michael Scott

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, is one of the most familiar television characters and yet one that does not undergo much analysis due to the genre in which he is presented. Herein, Michael Scott will be analyzed and discussed with a focus on the significance of his character for the show. How Michael Scott [...]

Pokemon Analysis

To be straight up about it, this article will not help you get Mew on Pokemon Red nor will it tell you how to be the best at Pokemon Sapphire, but rather it is an analysis of the Pokemon series collectively and the cultural trends in the series. Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All The catchphrase [...]

Why Stargate Universe Was Cancelled

The primary reason Stargate Universe was cancelled is because its ratings were lowering. It really was a simple matter of mathematics in the end, the advertisements pay for the show and not enough people were being exposed to said advertisements to justify it. Stargate Universe Ratings Stargate Universe was steadily declining in viewers throughout the [...]

Stargate Universe Eli Wallace Character Analysis

Stargate Universe’s Eli Wallace, played by David Blue, is a young man with a brilliant mind but a lazy attitude. He is basically intended to serve as the entry way character for new viewers of the series as he is new to the Stargate governmental program. Stargate Universe Eli Wallace Character Analysis: Overview Stargate Universe’s [...]

Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: Parkinson’s Worst Interview?

Michael Parkinson is perhaps the most renowned popular interviewer of the past twenty years, having even received an MBE for his television work. However, even someone as successful as Parkinson has made mistakes and had bad moments. One of these moments was his interview with Meg Ryan, which he labelled his worst interview and also [...]

Dr. Nicholas Rush Relationships – Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe’s Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) relationships with other characters analyzed in detail. Dr. Nicholas Rush’s Relationship With Camille Wray Camille and Nicholas Rush have a fairly neutral relationship with each other, with her probably being his preferred leader over Young. She has enough wisdom to understand that Rush is able to hide, and [...]

Dr. Nicholas Rush Analysis – Stargate Universe

Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) is Stargate Universe’s lead intellectual and serves somewhat as the series antagonist as well as protagonist, with the series refusing to reveal more about his motivations and intentions. It is his tendency to make purely logical decisions alongside his unknown objectives that allows Rush to go from being the protagonist [...]