Top Five Horror Games

Herein is listed the top five scariest games, as I see them, and the reason they have been placed so. As a rule, I have only allowed one game per franchise.

1. Silent Hill 2

Comfortably coming in at first on the list, the original Silent Hill reinvented what a horror game could be, Silent Hill 2 took it further by removing many of the supernatural aspects and deepening the psychological horror. Silent Hill 2 has the moments that make you jump, but more important it has a real sense of terror, which lasts well after you have finished the game. As such, no other could be placed at number one on this list.

2. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Whilst Vampire was a buggy, underdeveloped game, it also contained some of the best horror and adult themes in a game to date. Haunted motels with the ghosts of dead murderers, flesh-crafting demons in the hills of Hollywood and monsters from Chinatown mixed together to make a complex and frightening experience. This great atmosphere and mystery as to what horrors are going on during the night puts this game at number two.

3. Aliens Vs. Predator 2

After all these years of Aliens movies you would think a game based on them would not be very affective, however Aliens Vs. Predator 2 worked fantastically as a horror game from both the marine’s perspective and the aliens. When playing as the marine the unpredictable angles at which the enemies approach combined with their speed and lethality makes the game quite scary. That said, the game truly shines when you get to play an alien, due to the aliens immense melee abilities but fragile defences, being spotted once can mean the end. As such, the tension of the game can truly make you jump from your seat. For these reasons, Aliens Vs. Predator 2 is third on the list.

4. Doom 3

The game itself could have been much better, but what makes doom 3 scary is the immensely well designed environment and sound affects. A true feeling as though the environment is going to hell, which is fitting. The way most players find the location of the enemy is by watching for movement, but with doom 3′s environments plagued by collapsing debris, moving machinery and sparks flickering the game becomes far scarier by robbing us of this defensive tactic.


FEAR has all the elements a game needs to be higher on the list, but ultimately loses out due to the discovery that many of the scary elements are unable to actually hurt you. That said, the last act of the game features some of the most frightening imagery as your own characters psychic manifestations begins to take over his senses.

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