How to Search the Web for Files

File Search

How to search the web for files effectively. The main trick is to know a few simple search engine tricks that enable you to skip irrelevant results and get straight to the files. Add Extensions to Searches Remember that all files have extensions, which are the letters at the end of the file name after the full [...]

How to Solve Punkbuster Problems


There are two main ways to solve the most regular problems with Punkbuster: updating punkbuster manually and checking to make sure your Firewall is not blocking it. Manually Updating Punkbuster One of the problems that generally occurs with punkbuster is that, for whatever reason, it is unable to update fast enough automatically. When you are [...]

How to Analyze an Advertisement

Gucci Perfume Ad

This guide will show you how to analyze an advertisement by explaining in detail how ads work. While advertising as a field includes a lot of subtlety, it basically all boils down to appealing to people. Whenever a product is being advertised it is an appeal to people. People are rarely clear-minded logicians, but rather [...]

How to Speed Up Internet On Slow Connections

Simple guide on how to speed up internet on slow connections. Sometimes, be it because you have exceeded your download quota or because of how you are accessing the Internet, you are forced to use a slow connection which can simply be unbearable. This is a very simple guide that shows a few tricks I have [...]

How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Google Logo

How to stay on Google’s good side as a publisher, advertiser or just in a general sense shown with examples. While Google is by no means a perfect, moral organization it does try to do the right thing. This means that Google will often try to do ‘good’ by people even if they are not [...]

Laptop Software Buyers Guide

Choosing the right software for a laptop purchase can be a difficult and confusing task, this guide will help to give some basic information about what to choose and why. Laptop Software Buyers Guide: Operating System Software The operating system is basically the software that every piece of hardware and all programs interact with in [...]

Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide


Laptop Hardware Buyers Guide: Before Starting Before starting to even look at laptops and their components a good practice is to write down a list of all the things you need a laptop to be able to do performance wise. What this ultimately ensures is that you buy a laptop that has all the hardware [...]

List of Free Computer Software

Firefox Logo

This list of free computer software is designed to help you get a full suite of software completely free. From Operating System to Office, Internet and Image editing software this guide will detail as much great, free editing software around. Best of all the software is all completely legal, none of these downloads are illegal. [...]

Free Backlinks Sites List

Ultimate free backlinks sites list. A list of sites and sources that provide free backlinks to your website and a quick guide on how to use them. I will not list any sites that can give you backlinks if you comment as then it may result in that site being spammed, ruining it. This guide [...]

Google Search Easter Eggs

Google Do A Barrel Roll Screenshot

Type these search terms into Google to see some Easter Eggs Google has included into their search system. Easter Eggs are basically just hidden gimmicks in a piece of software that you can access by doing a very specific action. Google has included some amusing Easter Eggs that make fun of and play around with [...]

Reduce WordPress CPU and Memory Usage Easily

CPanel Advanced Cron

Easy guide to reducing WordPress CPU usage that is particularly useful for shared hosting. WordPress is  great publishing platform, but is seriously lacking when it comes to optimizing performance. To fix the bulk of performance issues associated with WordPress you need to solve two fundamental issues. The first is that for every page loading WordPress [...]

Creating Good 125 x 125 Advertisements

How to create a good 125 x 125 advertisement to drive traffic to your website. With the increasingly growing BuySellAds network the 125 x 125 pixel advertisement format is growing increasingly popular. However, as the format is quite small it can potentially mean that your advertisement will simply not be noticed. This guide will show [...]

Managing Trouble Makers in Online Communities

One of the difficulties in managing an online community is dealing with trouble-makers and trolls without hurting or completely ruining the overall community. To add further to this, many good, contributing members may also be inclined towards problematic behaviour towards other’s in the community. As an administrator, moderator or webmaster it can be very difficult [...]

Things to Know Before Using Drupal

Drupal can be a fantastic content management system (CMS) for people looking to create a website, but there are still some important things to understand before deciding to go with Drupal. Herein, I will list the important things to understand about Drupal before using it as your chosen CMS. Some of the things I am [...]

Location CCK Views Fix

Simple and easy Location CCK Views Fix with no coding required. This fix is designed for the problem that arises when attempting to use Location data from Location CCK fields in views. The location CCK views module offers some great potential, but one of the major drawbacks is the issues it has with Views. Basically, [...]

Revenue Sharing Sites List

The ultimate list of revenue sharing sites which includes as many sites as possible that contain some kind of revenue sharing system or another. Revenue sharing is when part of the revenues a site receives, either through memberships or more usually through advertising, is passed on to users in some way, usually after they submit [...]

Good Pair of Headphones for Under $50

While some of the more complex features for headphones are unavailable for purchases below $50, it is still very much possible to get a very good pair of headphones for under $50. Herein, a few examples of good headphones for under $50 will be given. Sennheiser HD 201 and 202 Sennheiser’s HD201 headphones are a [...]

Best Computer Practical Jokes

A list of the best computer practical jokes and pranks to trick your friends with. From using Google Gravity to replace Google to some fantastic tricks with wallpapers, this guide shows how to trick your friends with simple practical jokes. In order to reverse any of the tricks, simply follow the step-by-step guides but change [...]

What to Look For In Wireless Internet Deals

What to look for in Wireless Internet deals explored to prevent traps or incurring extra costs. This guide gives a few simple tips to make sure you get the right wireless Internet deal for your needs. The Contract The first thing to examine whenever buying any Internet deal, but especially Wireless Internet deals, is the [...]

How to Trick Oliver Bot

Experienced Meaning vs. Logical Meaning Normally tricking chat bots is a matter of finding two different phrases or words that basically mean the same thing to confuse it, but Oliver Bot proved a little bit more difficult which may well mean it is the most intelligent chat bot on the Internet. Oliver bot, however, proved [...]