Bill Bot Review

Bill Bot is a new chat bot very much like Cleverbot, but just starting out. As a result it lacks the kind of knowledge that Cleverbot has and so makes very silly errors. However, in contrast to Cleverbot Bill Bot can be directly taught by users by typing “Wrong its Really?” and then what Bill Bot should have said. The idea is that you can teach the bot language and it will in theory come to know most everything. In this way it is different from Cleverbot, which randomly selects what other people have said as responses to questions.

Bill Bot and Maths

It is a shame that none  of the chat bots include a mathematics engine behind them, as that would potentially allow them to be useful to have in a window. Bill Bot is in fact quite terrible at mathematics at this stage, take for example the following conversation I had with it:

User: What is 1+1?
Bill: 666.

Clearly, Bill Bot is not a strong mathematician and may have a few other issues!

I have attempted to fix this mistake through the following conversation that shows how Bill Bot can be taught:

User: Wrong its Really? 2

Bill: Thanks, I have subbmited your response for approval. Once approved your response will be added.

Overall it will be interesting to see if Bill Bot becomes more successful and as a result how many questions it will be able to answer. As an aside I cannot help but feel a slightly different implementation would be better. One in which the bot learns like Cleverbot but only offers the most popular answer to questions as THE answer. An alternative might be some variety of system in which the bot learns based on correction popularity. If a bad answer keeps being corrected by multiple people, the most popular correction becomes the new answer.

Try Bill Bot Here. When you are done playing around include some of the conversations in the comment section at the bottom of the page if you wish.

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