Talk to Cleverbot and add your own Cleverbot quotes here. One of the great features of the Cleverbot chat bot is that you can embed it into your own website as I have done below. This is the ultimate Cleverbot fan page, where you can talk to Cleverbot and add your own quotes.

Talk to Cleverbot

Once you are done having a conversation with Cleverbot here, feel free to add some quotes in the comments section at the bottom of the page. This is one of the easiest and best ways to talk to Cleverbot and share your conversations with other people, which is most of the fun really.

Cleverbot Tips

Try asking Cleverbot the same question over and over again to see how it responds and if it changes its response. Cleverbot is not so smart really and learns to answer questions based on how people do. As a result, it will contradict itself easily here.

Try asking a question about any vaguely controversial subject. As it learns based on other people’s responses, you can get some really funny responses. Take for example the following conversation about Barack Obama:

User: Do you like Barack Obama?
Cleverbot: No I do not like President Barack Obama.
User: Why don’t you like Barack Obama?
Cleverbot: I AM Barack Obama.

Try asking it to solve a mathematical problem that is utter nonsense. Cleverbot tries to match questions to their best possible response, but mathematics requires a greater level of precision than that. Take for example this conversation:

User: What does N+1-2+8 equal?
Cleverbot: 4.

You can go even further than this and ask it about more complex issues, even unsolved issues. Take for example this conversation where I tried to ask it about the unsolved P=NP problem:

User: Does P=NP?
Cleverbot: It does.
User: Would you care to show your working?
Cleverbot: I am sorry I can, T I don’t really know you.

Well played sir, well played.

Cleverbot Review

A balanced review of the Cleverbot chat AI that focuses on the positives and negatives.


Cleverbot is a fantastic time waster. If you are bored it really can be funny to use, especially if you are talking to other people about the kinds of responses the bot is giving. If you want to do this on this page there is a comment section at the bottom of the page that you can post your conversations to.


One of the major issues is that the bots intelligence is not real intelligence. True intelligence involves understanding objects and communicating about them, whereas Cleverbot just uses responses given to it by users. As such, it is not the bot itself that is smart but rather it ‘steals’ other people’s answers.

This leads to the second problem and that is that because it is using answers given by other people it often has an inconsistent voice. One moment it is smart, the next stupid, the next polite and then the next a creep.

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