Dark Knight Rises Bane Preview

Character preview of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, with speculation as to his motives and plans.


Dark Knight Rises Bane Triggering Explosives

Bane’s motive appears to be to right an injustice caused by Gotham city, most likely related to political influence on his home nation. However, Bane’s idea of righting an injustice is delivering judgement and punishment upon the citizens and elite of Gotham. This is why he states that Bruce Wayne’s punishment must be more severe. It appears that Bane’s primary issue will be related to wealth, the Nolan brothers no doubt influenced by the recent Occupy Wall Street protests.

Mirror of Batman

Dark Knight Rises Bane

Bane’s history seems to be something of a mirror of Batman’s past. He was allegedly trained by the League of Shadows, as Bruce Wayne was, but rather than Bruce Wayne leaving because he believed the punishments the League of Shadows intended were too severe, Bane seems to consider them to be too light and was thus forced out of the organization. Furthermore, Bane’s appearance seems to mirror Batman’s appearance as his mask covers his mouth whereas Batman’s covers everything else.

Gothams Reckoning

Interestingly, in Batman Begins when Batman first appears and takes out a mob boss (Carmine Falcone), the mob boss asks Batman, “What are you?” to which he responds, “I’m Batman”. In The Dark Knight Rises, a similar encounter occurs with Bruce Wayne asking Bane, “What are you?” to which Bane responds, “I’m Gotham’s reckoning”.

Fighting Style

Dark Knight Rises Bane Catches Batman's Punch

Bane’s fighting style appears to be a mix of calculation with brutality. His physical style closer to a wrestler, with a lot of grappling. His overall style is in contrast to this with him functioning closer to a general or a rebel leader, his forces armed with the iconic AK-47.

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