DARPA’s Awesome Technology

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has some simply incredible technology that truly seems taken directly from the pages of Science Fiction. Herein, some of this technology is explored and shown.

Holographic Sandtable Display

darpa holographic display

Not only have DARPA created a holographic display system that works very effectively in a non-gimmicky way, but it is interactive. Using hand gestures areas can be highlighted and zoomed into. The aim of the system is for it to be intuitive.

Gigapixel Camera

gigapixel camera

Given that commercial cameras speak of Megapixels as one of the features that defines image quality it is almost difficult to image a camera taking Gigapixel images. However, DARPA have essentially completed a prototype of a Gigapixel camera that looks closer to something we might expect from the LHC team. Check out the following example of its image quality:



Hypersonic Flight

Hypersonic Flight


The aim of hypersonic flight is simply to fly at extreme speeds. Current technology in development is reaching speeds of mach 20, which means 20 times the speed of sound or 24500.88 km/hr (15224.14 Miles/hour) by my quick calculation. This will essentially allow an air vehicle to bomb a target anywhere in the world in under an hour.


Holographic Display

Gigapixel Camera

Hypersonic Flight


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