Free Backlinks Sites List

Ultimate free backlinks sites list. A list of sites and sources that provide free backlinks to your website and a quick guide on how to use them. I will not list any sites that can give you backlinks if you comment as then it may result in that site being spammed, ruining it. This guide is a white hat SEO guide for those who need more backlinks that will last.

Free Backlink Sites


Write an article on what to do in a given place, for example an article on where to go shopping in your local area.

Best Reviews

Write a top 3, 5, etc on a particular topic and include links to your RELEVANT site. Aka, top 3 cars and then include links to pages about those cars. Pagerank is 4.


Create a video and include a link to your site in the description. Pagerank 9.


SheToldMe is no longer free, hopefully this will change in the near future.

SheToldMe is a site very similiar to Digg, but has the advantage of being far less strict. With each post you can promote your site and acquire a PR5 backlink (at the time of writing). Furthermore, if you place your adsense id into your profile the site even devotes an advertisement to your bookmark. Pagerank is 9.


IMAutomator is a site that automatically submits your links to other sites. While it has a pro-version which is far superior, the free version is still worth a look

Free Backlink Blogs


Create a free blogger blog and get as many free backlinks as your blog has pages indexed.


Create a wordpress blog hosted on the wordpress site, free backlinks. Pagerank is 9.

Article Submission Site

Ezine Articles

Write an article, submit it to Ezine articles.

Articles Base

Write an article, submit it here for three free backlinks. Pagerank is 6.

Articles Sphere

Write an article, submit it to articlesphere for a free link to your site. Pagerank is 4.


Write a 300 word, unique article and include an image. Submit it to Excerptz for three free links to your site that are indexed very quickly. Add your adsense ID to earn money off your article as well. They tend against liking article spam, so too many articles means slower publishing on their site. Pagerank is 3.


Write a unique article of at least 3 sentences, though small articles do not seem to get indexed easily. I recommend at least 300 words.Pagerank is 4.


Write a lens and get it indexed. Can be difficult to get indexed, but can also be a great source of income as well. Pagerank is 7.



Free directory which you can gain a single link from. Not so easy to get linked due to a long delay and picky or possibly even corrupt volunteer staff. Pagerank is 8.


Free directory that I have not yet tested. Human evaluated. Pagerank is 5.

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