Free Youtube Video Editing Software

Free YouTube Video editing software for creating videos on YouTube. Free software for creating YouTube videos that you either already have or can download instantly. The idea is that this will enable anyone to create YouTube videos quickly and easily.

Free Video Editing Software

Windows Movie Maker

Almost all windows installations come ready with Windows Movie Maker. While there are undoubtedly better software packages around, Windows Movie Maker is free and easy to use. It can be a little tricky to find sometimes so you may have to do a quick search for it. Features include a zoom function, titles and credit maker and the ability to put an audio track over the video. Also has the ability to merge and split video. Windows Movie Maker is worth giving a go even if you have no intention to edit youtube videos. It is worth noting before using it that while it may lack options, there can be subtle tricks to get it to do things that it was not really designed for. For example, using the half-speed or double-speed effect multiple times can dramatically increase or decrease the speed of the video.

To use Windows Movie Maker simply type ‘Windows Movie Maker’ into the search box of the start menu.

Youtube Video Editor

Youtube has a native video editor that you can use to edit uploaded videos. The idea here is that you simply uploads snippets of video that you want and edit them together using the native youtube video editor, which works much like Windows Movie Maker. The benefit is that you will not need any of the disk space that is normally required to edit videos, which can be a quite a lot depending on file types and sizes. One of the great benefits of using the Youtube video editor is that it has access to a large collection of public domain videos and files that you can mix in with your videos, which really helps to produce quality video content for free.

To use Youtube Video Editor, visit:Youtube Video Editor Link

Virtual Dub Mod

Virtual dub mod is a free program with a large range of features for dubbing and editing video. For those making Youtube videos, one of the features that will stand out the most is the ability to create watermarks. These can take almost any form, from text to images, and the software has a pretty easy positioning system associated with it. one of the major problems with it is that it often outputs videos as huge files, so this program may only be for those with a fair amount of free hard drive space.

To download virtual Dub Mod, visit:Virtual Dub Mod Download Link

Free Video Capture Software

Camstudio is some of the better video capture software around. While the interface can be a little tricky, it is hard to find any free software equivalents that also capture sound and microphone input. It is a relatively small download, is free and has a whole colletion of features. Unfortunately, though, it struggles at capturing footage from video games. Furthermore, it cannot capture embedded, streaming videos at an adequate framerate though newer versions or a more powerful computer may fix this problem.

To download Camstudio, visit: Camstudio Download Link

Free Audio Recording Software

Audacity is free and very easy to use. In fact, anyone into audio editing or recording should probably give a look at audacity. For a free product, it really is great. One of the major advantages Audacity has over other software is that it offers the ability to very easily deal with multiple tracks. This means that you can add in sounds, record voice and then synchronize a music file to it. Furthermore, it is so easy to use that it almost seems like a game. A very powerful yet simple audio editing software package.

To download Audicty, visit:Audacity Download Link

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