Five Reasons Why Gorror Movies Don’t Work

A recent horror movie trend that has arisen is including particularly gruesome and gory scenes intended to be scary. This particular form of horror is given the name ‘Gorror’, a mixture of gore and horror. Herein, the five reasons why gorror does not particularly work well as a form of horror will be revealed.

Too Much Visibility

When Steven Spielberg decided to direct jaws he stated before hand that he would only do so if he could avoid showing the shark for the first half of the film. The reason behind this was that the fear of the shark would have been significantly lowered if it had been visible. While this movie could have easily been turned into gorror by showing the shark munching on humans piece by piece, it worked better as a horror film by not doing so. As such, gorror movies tend to be lesser horror movies because in showing gore they show too much and remove the overall fear of the unknown.

Fine Line Between Horror and Comedy

Often, gorror movies present scenes of such gratuitous gore that it steps over the line from horror into comedy. There is simply a limit too how much blood can exit someone’s body before it becomes ridiculous and hence funny.

Too Much Staging

Before a particularly gory scene in a gorror movie, a degree of staging occurs where even the least attentive viewer can anticipate exactly what will happen. While this is not such a bad movie device, it is a very poor horror device at it completely relieves the tension of the situation. The Final Destination movies are particularly bad for this as they make it overly clear what will happen, even if the set up is often fairly clever.

Movie Centres Around Gore

This may not seem like a big deal for those who enjoy the gore, but it becomes an issue when a movie contains little to nothing else. Basically, movies in the gorror genre often contain very little else besides gorror scenes or lead ups to gorror scenes. This includes the Saw movies and Final Destination, which both have very little in the way of plot or character development and just focus on people being killed or hurt in gruesome manners.

Anatomy Lessons!

The final problem with gorror movies is that they simply invite those with the inclination to view them as anatomy examples. Often, the anatomy of the victims in them is simply wrong, particularly in regards to the skull and the head. Often, the neuroanatomy is incorrectly applied with the brain simply not having any detail. Of course, it is not to be expected that this would be solved as they are filmmakers not doctors, but in making the gore so visible it can remove the horror by simply being too interesting. It is hard for someone to be scared when they are thinking, “The brain does not look like that.”

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