Has Jimmy Wales Killed the Idea of Not-for-Profit?

How Jimmy Wales has killed the idea of not-for-profit organizations once and for all. There is a lot of justified cynacism about not-for-profit organizations who often have leaders that profit. Normally these organizations are not public enough to draw wide attention, but Wikipedia has risen to be large enough and Jimmy Wales is the one profiting from this not-for-profit organization.

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales History

Jimmy Wales history is filled with failures. These failures are not dramatic failures, but by the standards of business they are most definitely failures none-the-less. It is an oddity that the creation which has bolstered him to fame and success is a not-for-profit one. From Wikipedia he has received much attention from the press and launched Wikia. The biggest source of Jimmy Wales profit, in a subtle way, turns out to be Wikipedia. He has profitted mysteriously from a not-for-profit, and for this reason it seems as though Wales has in essence killed the idea of the utopian not-for-profit organization.

How Jimmy Wales Profits

Jimmy Wales mainly seems to profit from speaking about his role in Wikipedia. In essence, he is paid for interviews and more specifically lectures. He is paid in the order of $50,000 to $75,000 per lecture he gives. As a result the best business decision Wales ever made was to create a not-for-profit organization. The idea is that there are people all around the world that who are willing to work for free if you just tell them its a not-for-profit organization. Almost the perfect business really.

Not-for-Profit is Dead

It really does seem as though he has given such a clear and public example of the ways in which someone always seems to mysteriously be profitting from not-for-profit organizations. There is always a manager, founder, creator or public figure who seems to find a way to make money from the organization and simultaneously build a reputation as a good human being.


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