How to Search the Web for Files

How to search the web for files effectively. The main trick is to know a few simple search engine tricks that enable you to skip irrelevant results and get straight to the files.

Add Extensions to Searches

File Search

Remember that all files have extensions, which are the letters at the end of the file name after the full stop. As such if you are searching for a file it is best to add an extension to the end of your search terms. Instead of searching for ‘Skype’ try ‘Skype .exe’.

Here are some good extensions worth trying:

  • .zip – a compression format
  • .rar – a compression format
  • .7zip – a compression format
  • .exe – executable format
  • .mp3 – music format
  • .avi – video format

Adding any of these to a search will make it much more likely that you find a suitable download link rather than reviews, guides and the like.

Download Now

Download Now Example

The phrase ‘Download Now’ can also be added or even ‘Install’. The idea here is that any page which have the download on them will include that text and as a result will have the file readily accessible. An example of this search term in practice would be ‘skype download now’.

Start at Page 5 on Google

If your search is still not getting the required responses just starting your file search at page 5 or later of the Google search results can be a very effective technique. The reason for this is that Google sorts the search results based on what it thinks the quality of the content is, but the file you wish to download is probably listed on a page with very little content. As a result it may be listed quite far back in the search results, so start far back.

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