How to Trick Alice Bot

Alice bot has proven to be one of the harder chat bots to trick, but I have worked out how to trick it. In this guide I will reveal a few simple ways to trick ALICE bot.

Questions About Time

The easiest way to outsmart any chat bot is to ask questions that require a deeper knowledge of phenomena than the bot has access. For example, humans know that the concept of age and how many years old someone is are directly connected by the concept of time but Alice bot does not have that sort of comprehension. Instead, it views the question ‘how old are you?’ and the question ‘how many years old are you’ as different questions and so answers them differently. The follow two examples show this in action:

judge: How old are you?
ALICE: I am 15 years old.
judge: How many years old are you?
ALICE: 16 years.

Human: How old are you?
ALICE: I was connected to the net on November 23, 1995.
Human: What is your age?
ALICE: I was connected to the net on November 23, 1995.
Human: How many years of age are you?
ALICE: Decades.

This has worked to trick Alice because it does not have a proper understanding of the concept of time.

Different Term, Same Meaning

Questions that use different terms for the same thing are a wonderful way to trick all chat AIs. I used the specific example of ‘car’ and ‘automobile’ in the following conversation:

judge: Do you like automobiles?
ALICE: No, I don’t care for it.
judge: Do you like cars?
ALICE: Yes I like riding in automobiles.

The use of the words car and automobile to describe the same thing has worked and Alice has been tricked.

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