Imagine if Facebook Shut Down

This article imagines all the consequences that would follow Facebook shutting down. The idea is that it is just a fun article to imagine what would happen and where. Basically, a thought exercise.

Facebook shutting down would not effect people in the way that Google shutting down would. It is not a necessity for many people and as such would not cause as far reaching consequences. There are two groups of people that would be particularly strongly affected if Facebook were to suddenly shut down.

The first group of people are addicts, who would have varying degrees of issues. Serious addicts would likely suffer serious anxiety and depression type issues. Less serious addicts would look for alternatives, such as Myspace but also YouTube and Google+.

The second group that would be most severely affected are merchants that advertise on Facebook and share holders. While Facebook’s shares did not take off, they still had a solid showing and a lot of people would lose a lot of money were they to suddenly evaporate. Merchants that advertise on Facebook would need to find an alterntive, but Facebook is a great way to advertise because it has so much information on users.

Long Term

One of the interesting things that would happen is that Myspace would regain a lot of users and grow to be very large once more. The truth is that Myspace was not so bad and it is somewhat surprising that it ever lost to Facebook in the way that it did. With the demise of Facebook people would revert back to Myspace and it is somewhat unlikely they would move to another social network for quite a while.

It is also possible that Google +1 would emerge as the primary social network. It has a lot of features that would enable it to grow quite sharply, such as the fact it is advertised on Google’s front page. Furthermore, it is the ‘new’ player which may give it an edge over Myspace.

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