NCIS is a Conservative Show

NCIS is a conservative show. There is little doubt that the writers behind NCIS the show are largely conservative, though to be fair they do not overdo it. Here is a list of ways in which the TV series NCIS is conservative.

Political Commentary

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One specific scene stands out. The episode where Gibbs had lost his memory after an explosion and was informed about September 11. The show made the implication that all the Clinton, left-wing government did was ‘toss a few cruise missles’ at Bin Ladin when they ought to have done more. This is a regular attack Republican’s make on their opposition: that they do not do enough against enemies of the USA. They have been particularly aggressive over this point towards Clinton. However, in an interview with Fox Clinton aggressively defended his actions, basically showing that he did more against Al Qaeda than any leader before him and that the same advisors in the militiary serve both conservative and radical political parties, so it would not have mattered too much either way.

When Gibbs asked if they did more afterwards, he is informed that they did. The implication of the statement was that Clinton did not do enough, but Bush did.


While left-wingers may be nationalistic to some extent, they tend to be a little more ‘global’ in their vision. The difficulty with nationalism is that it can hide the simple truth that every country is full of human beings pretty much the same as one another. There is little doubt that the show portray’s western forces as largely being the good guys with people of other nationality being villains more often. Even Ziva, who is part of the team, is arguably the most morally questionable member with a half-brother who is an murderous assassin working for Mossad.


There is little doubt about it: NCIS is big brother. They wire tap, hack and it would be tough work for Gibbs to be more of a man in black if he tried. Given that the show portrays exclusively as the good guys, it has a clear conservative leaning. Furthermore, it portrays the US Army, Navy and Air Force positively when that is a questionable portrayal.


NCIS really is a conservative show, it is doubtful it would be allowed to exist with the use of the Navy’s name were it less supportive of the defence force. The defence force itself is largely supported by conservatives, with many of its recruits coming from republican states.

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