Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: Parkinson’s Worst Interview?

Michael Parkinson is perhaps the most renowned popular interviewer of the past twenty years, having even received an MBE for his television work. However, even someone as successful as Parkinson has made mistakes and had bad moments. One of these moments was his interview with Meg Ryan, which he labelled his worst interview and also called Meg Ryan his worst guest.

Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: What Went Wrong?

Meg Ryan was basically going about being interviewed in promotion for her film, In The Cut, which was a deviation from her normal romantic comedies and instead a sexual thriller whereby an English teacher becomes involved with a detective that could also be a murderer. The film itself had some graphic sexual scenes, to which Parkinson apparently objected. This in turn lead to a conversation about whether romance was valuable or not, to which Meg Ryan stated that she believed there is a difference between love and romance. In essence, she was suggesting romance was a lie and love the truth of how two people can truly get along. The whole issue was further compounded by Meg Ryan’s apparent dislike of being in the spotlight and judged.

Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: In Defence of Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan did not really do anything wrong in the interview, as Parkinson misinterpreted her view of romance and love quite severely. He also seems to have underlying conservative views in regards to sexuality and film, thus opposing this specific movie on some moral level. Meg Ryan came off as being more politically left wing and thus her views on sexuality and love were more pragmatic than traditionalist, in turn causing her to clash with Parkinson.

Meg Ryan was also responding quite nicely, given it could easily have turned into a heated argument. She stated that she was not very fond of interviews and spotlight, but Parkinson still did not really let up on her.

Parkinson Meg Ryan Interview: In Defence of Parkinson

While Meg Ryan did not do anything wrong, she did not truly do anything right either. Parkinson had a show to run, he had to try and make it entertaining and Meg Ryan was giving mundane and simple answers. As such, Parkinson appeared to try and heat the discussion up in order to get an entertaining response, as well as trying to analyse her personally. As such, Parkinson was truly trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

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