Plantronics Audio 770 Headset Review

The Plantronics Audio 770 Headset are an interesting product but ultimately proved to be very disappointing. While the features of the product are all fine, the flimsy interior design ultimately lead to them breaking far earlier than they should have. Herein, the positives and negatives of the Plantronics Audio 770 Headset will be explored and the reason for my disappointment discussed.

The Positives

  • Very comfortable
  • Surround Sound works well
  • Good Audio quality
  • Great microphone quality
  • USB or standard audio plugs

In a lot of ways the Plantronics Audio 770 Headset is actually a very good device and thus is something of a lost opportunity. For instance, the design is very comfortable with the ear pieces easily extending over an entire ear and thus not rubbing against it in an annoying manner. The sound quality is also pretty good, delivering crisp and clear sound without any noticeable distortion. Some people have reported problems with the microphone dropping its recording volume randomly, but I personally did not experience that at all with a consistent quality of recording that I used both as voice chat in games as well as to record voice overs for videos. The surround sound works well enough, though it is hardly breathtaking. The option to use the USB soundcard or your own soundcard is something that is rarely come across and definitely a great positive feature, though using your own soundcard will result in the loss of surround sound.

The Negatives

  • Flimsy interior design
  • Sensitive to shocks
  • Cords are not very long
  • Can get hot inside ear pieces
  • Price

The biggest problem I personally had with the Plantronics Audio 770 Headset was that they broke easily. I have used many different headsets and it is inevitable that they will drop or fall, but only these have broken from it. I opened the headset up and had a look inside to see some very flimsy wiring in which bits of the cording rubbed heavily against sharp pieces of plastic. Ultimately, this had lead to a number of areas where the tubing around the interior cords had been cut away and inevitably to the destruction of the headset. Considering that the headset costs at least $90 Australia, the interior design should be of far superior quality. Ultimately, this really let me down and as such makes the headset difficult to recommend despise its other great features. The last issue with the headset is that its cords are not very long, at 1.5 metres, and hence it can be irritating if you need to reach something across the room with them on.

Verdict: Why I Cannot Recommend Them

Ultimately, the flimsy interior design led to an early demise for my Plantronics Audio 770 Headset, which makes it impossible to recommend them as a purchase despite their features. They are simply too expensive to break so easily.

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