Promoting Articles and Website Using Blogger

Promoting any website or articles using links from a blog can work very well to increase search engine ranking and page views in general. In regards to Associated Content, it can also assist in preventing indexing issues.

Promoting Articles Using Blogger: How to Get Started

The first thing to do is to create a free blogger account and set up your blog. This includes creating a color scheme and a style, as well as a title for your blog. Overall, what matters here is that the color scheme chosen is friendly to the eye and not overly specific. In particular, avoid blue text on a black or grey background. Another important aspect of setting up the blog is to make sure that ‘Let search engines find your blog?’ option is set to ‘yes’ within the blog settings.

Promoting Articles Using Blogger: Getting the Blog Listed on Search Engines

The primary method of getting the blog listed on Google and other search engines is to have enough content that they will take notice of the site. One way to achieve this is to create blog posts with links to your article alongside a small discussion of what the article is about and the experience of writing it. After a while of this, Google and other search engines will deem the blog worth indexing and it will begin appearing in searches. Furthermore, any links it gives to another page will improve that pages ranking in search engines. This means that articles written on associated content or webpages linked to will appear higher up in search rankings due to having a backlink from a blog.

Promoting Articles Using Blogger: Improving the Quality of the Backlink

When Google calculates how much a page will weigh in search engine rankings when it provides backlinks to articles, Google uses a number of methods. The first is content, the more general content a web page has the more it is worth when creating backlinks. The second is how often it is updated; a blog that has content added regularly will rank higher than one that is ignored. The third is how often it is visited, so a blog that is visited often is worth more. Ways of getting more visitors to a blog include creating a link in an AC profile page and linking participating in the blogger community by posting to other blogs.

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