Silent Hill Revelation 3D Plot Analysis

Silent Hill 2 Movie Plot Analysis that explores the plot and themes of Silent Hill : Revelation 3d. This plot analysis may contain major spoilers for the film, so if you are a person that likes to go into movies fresh avoid reading further. Furthermore, much of this article is speculative and as such the final film may differ dramatically.

Silent Hill 2 Movie Plot Analysis

Silent Hill 2 : Revelation 3D will roughly follow the plot of the third Silent Hill game, Silent Hill 3. The primary character, Heather Mason, is in fact a reborn version of Cheryl/Alessa from the first Silent Hill movie. The plot is overall a coming of age story in which Heather comes to grips with her past and her role in the world as her father disappears.

Character Analysis

Silent Hill 2 Movie Heather Mason

The primary character of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is Heather Mason. Heather Mason is basically the reincarnation of Cheryl/Alessa, and at the time of Revelation 3D is an adolescent living with her father as they both attempt to escape the cult of the first Silent Hill film. The use of Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell as parenting figures looks particularly promising and actually seems as though the theme of parenting is going to make it into the film in tact from the games.

Creature Analysis

The monsters in the first Silent Hill film were will designed but lacked the substance that made the games interesting. It is unclear whether the monsters in Silent Hill Revelation 3D will have deeper symbollic meanings as per the games. That said, it seems clear that monsters that have little place are present once more. Pyramid Head, for instance, is seemingly included within the film. Perhaps Pyramid Head will replace Valtiel in his role

Area Analysis

The lakeside amusment park will seemingly feature in the film, though to what use it will be put is yet to be seen with any precision.


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