Silent Hill Downpour Monsters Analysis

The monsters of Silent Hill Downpour analyzed in relation to their meanings in regard to the plot. This guide also includes screenshots of the monsters from Silent Hill Downpour. Note that this guide is speculation and also that it may contain spoilers.

The main thing to understand before attempting to understand the meaning of the monsters of Silent Hill Downpour is that the primary theme of the game is revenge, and as a result the monsters tend to relate in some way to that theme. Whether it be directly, such as the void, or indirectly, such as the way in which the prison system can be seen as an institutional form of vengeance.

Weeping Bat

silent hill downpour monster miners silent hill downpour monster miners attack

The miners of Silent Hill Downpour attack Murphy as he rides a mine cart through the mines. They also appear generally in the mine and have a tendency to jump into the air and disappear. These creatures are very resistant to physical attacks, with a heavy swing using a pickaxe basically doing very little damage to them. In essence, they are something to be run away from. The pictures above do not illustrate how large they truly are, nearing double Murphy’s height. They are, however, relatively slow moving.

Prisoner Minion

silent hill downpour monster prisoner

The prisoner’s, sometimes called macho men, attack Murphy with their arms and fists using swiping moves. They are a fairly agile, fast moving monster that essentially punch at the player.

Prisoner Juggernaught

The prisoner juggernaught appears to symbolize gang leaders in prison as it controls the lesser prisoner minion.

Wall Monster

silent hill downpour wall monster

The wall monster appears to attack by squirting or bleeding out some fluid. Interestingly, the wall feature upon which the body of the creature is mounted is actually the Mark of Samael from the earlier games.


silent hill downpour monster screamer

The screamer appears feminine and emits an ear piercing scream as a form of attack, along with a claw attack and grapple attacks. It represents a grieving widow by evoking the concept of the Banshee and it can be seen in a stance that suggests it is crying if it has not yet seen Murphy. It represents both Murphy’s wife’s grief for the loss of her son and Murphy as well as Anne Cunningham’s grief for her father. As a result, they scream and attack Murphy.


silent hill downpour monster monocle silent hill downpour monster monocle 2

The Aristocrat seems likely to appear at the end of the rail cart section, appearing to smash through some variety of wall. Overall, fans have tended to receive its design poorly but I personally quite like it. If it were done well, within the context of the story, I can see how it may be very disturbing and even perhaps the ‘main’ monster of the game. It almost reminds me of a prison warden, perhaps chasing and tracking murphy down? It might well be the Shodan of the Silent Hill universe, which could be very interesting.


silent hill downpour hammer creature

The bogeyman wears a gas mask and full body hazard suit. The interesting thing about this specific monster is that it uses the idea of a ‘mask’ to enable it to be multiple characters. For Anne Cunningham, the Bogeyman is actually Murphy as illustrated by the ending in which she shoots him in the shower room. Murphy’s Bogeyman is less certain, with Napier being a candidate but other characters depending on the plot path taken by the player. Overall, the monster symbolizes the futility of judgement and revenge in that any character that ‘goes after’ their bogeyman either ends up being destroyed by it, or becoming another character’s bogeyman and thus continuing the cycle.

The Void

silent hill downpour red anomaly silent hill downpour storm anomaly

The void is a glowing red orb that chases Murphy about, hurting him when it gets close enough. It symbolizes the desire to get revenge and its tendency to consume us.

The Wheelman

The Wheelman represents Frank Cunningham. It is confronted at the end of the game to remind Murphy of what he did to Frank. In order to progress Murphy must face his crime properly by killing Frank. Upon doing so he will come to a number of different conclusions depending on what the player ‘made’ Murphy into when playing the game.


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