Which Silent Hill Game is the Scariest?

Silent Hill 1 is the scariest silent Hill game, easily. What makes it work is that its soundtrack is more dynamic, with more pieces of music preventing any repetition. Furthermore, the designs are more abstract but also more sinister, for example a water tank on the roof is chained up with barb-wire. What may make it less intimidating for new players is the older hardware of the Playstation 1.

Silent Hill 2 would be next. In some ways it is scarier, but Silent Hill 2′s horror comes more from getting under the players skin long term. It is certainly a better piece of art than Silent Hill 1, but its fear is more a matter of the fear of being alone. Silent Hill 2 is the best Silent Hill game, though. Definitely play it.

Silent Hill 4 would, in my opinion, come next. Many would argue Silent Hill 3, but what makes Silent Hill 4 work is the feeling of claustrophobia and being trapped that it presents. I am quite fond of it.

Silent Hill 3 is hard to judge because the particular style of horror it has may work better for some than others. However, I found it a little tacky at times and hence it did not work so well. That said, a lot of people liked it on account of how difficult it was.

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