Why Cleverbot is so Random

Why Cleverbot is so random revealed. The main reason Cleverbot is so random is that it responds randomly based on past responses. The idea behind this is that rather than relying on the intelligence of AI, just use the intelligence of past people that have answered similar questions.

For example, if Cleverbot is asked the question “What is the capital of Australia?”, it will not have an answer for the first time it is asked. However, it will later ask other people the question and record their answer to play back when it is asked again. It basically records all the answers given and randomly responds with one of them. This means that if people incorrectly answer “Sydney” then Cleverbot will also answer “Sydney”. It also means that if half the people answer Sydney and the other half answer Canberra, Cleverbot will answer Sydney half the time and Canberra the other half. Furthermore, you can ask the question multiple times in a row and each time it will have a 50/50 chance of answering Sydney or Canberra even though it has already answered the question.

I used this particular method against Cleverbot to show the way in which its answers are random by asking Cleverbot its age as per the following conversation:

Cleverbot Quote

The interesting thing is that Cleverbot seems to have been at least improved a little bit, but overall it still falls to this trick because it really relies on the intelligence of human users to respond rather than any legitimate intelligence. It actually has no real understanding or knowledge of what it is saying or the meaning of what it has said.

This results in Cleverbot being completely inconsistent and not so clever afterall. This is why you can fool Cleverbot by simply asking the same question multiple times. Its answers will be completely random every time because that is just the way it is programmed.

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