Why Gmail is Better than Hotmail

Gmail is simply a better free service for E-mail than Hotmail is. Here is a simple list of reasons why Gmail is the better service, with clear arguments given in its favor. In the early part of the 2000s it would have been difficult to conceive that Hotmail would be replaced in popularity by Gmail. Not only was Hotmail dominating the free E-mail service marketplace, but MSN Messenger was also extremely popular with Hotmail accounts tied into its use. Its market share seemed impossible to surplant, yet with a few key mistakes Hotmail died and Gmail rose to win the battle. Here are the reasons why:


Gmail loads fast, Hotmail doesn’t. Simple as that. Nowhere is this more noticeable than on a slow Internet connection, but the thing is that many people have slow connections from time to time because they are downloading, because they are on a mobile phone or because they have been restricted by their ISP after exceeding a data limit. Gmail loads well enough for people on a slow connection and even had an option for slower connections very early on in its development. Hotmail, to this day, does not have such an option and is simply insufferable to access on a slow connection. In fact, it often ends up crashing or not loading at all.


Hotmail seems to be constantly being hacked, with Emails being sent from my account to others in my contact list. This is very embarrassing, causes my account to be listed on spam filters, makes me seem unprofessional and also means that passwords in emails sent to my account have potentially been exposed. All off these problems give a very strong motivation to stop using this service and swap to Gmail.


There is little to no spam on Gmail, whereas Hotmail has traditionally been plagued with it. Now, it is important to note that Hotmail has increasingly become better at filtering spam but this development may have come a little too late. Gmail, in contrast, has placed a lot of focus on spam.

Free Advertising

As Gmail basically gets free advertising via Google, the most used search engine, its growth has been unparrelled. This is one area where it is hard for Hotmail to really compete and certainly is not one of the features that makes Gmail better than Hotmail but does go towards explaining why it has become more popular.


Gmail has less spam, better security and most importantly loads faster. These three qualities have resulted in it beating Hotmail and explains why it is the better free email service.

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