Why Does Google Hate Me?

‘Why does Google hate me?’ is a question often asked by web developers that find their sites poorly ranked or even completely unindexed by Google. This guide will attempt to make Google love you.

Google Loves Text

If you find yourself ranking highly in MSN or Yahoo but poorly in Google the most likely reason for that is that Google wants information to describe itself and as it searches through information based on text it dramatically favors text. What this means is that Google tends to disfavor information that does not describe itself with text. So, a web page full of images and nothing else is likely to rank poorly, specifically if those images are poorly named.

Good Image Name:


Bad Image Names:


To add further to this an image link should have good alternate text. Alternate text is placed, via the ‘alt text’ code, into the code of an image and displays if someone should have images turned off for whatever reason. Google uses this alternate text to identify what the image is, so having good alternate text is vital.

No Backlinks

If your website is not indexed it is likely in part due to your site or the specific page not having any backlinks. A backlink is just a link to your site from another site that allows following. Often, not much is really needed in the way of backlinks to at least get the page indexed. In order to acquire backlinks I personally use free blogger blogs, free wordpress blogs and article submission sites such as Ezine articles. Youtube videos with a link attached also work well. The main thing is that you have a few. I write simple posts on my blog explaining quickly the gist of an article and providing a link. This seems to get my pages indexed quickly.

Not Enough Text

Google likes pages with quite a bit of text on them, at least 400 words. While pages that have less text can get indexed, Google will tend to prefer pages with 400 words or more, some say 420 is a good number.

Bad HTML File Names

HTML file names follow a system much akin to the image file names, with HTML files and addresses that have search terms within them ranking higher. However, do not make a ridiculously long file name packed with keywords, just a basic HTML file name with some basic terms is good enough.

Good HTML File Name:


Bad HTML File Names:


Here is an example of a page from this site and search terms related to it. Note that it is nearly first in the index and Google has highlighted its file name to coincide with the search terms.

Why Does Google Hate Me Search Example

Bad Title and H1 Tags

Google hates poorly named title and h1 tags, so make sure you have keywords that people might search in both of these. The above example demonstrates this, where the page title is “How to Trick iGod”. As a result of this, people searching for the phase “iGod Tricks” come across the page because those words are in the title and the h1 tags.

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